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All the bad news about the environment can be overwhelming. But if we work together, we can take on the world’s worst polluters and solve its biggest problems. This page is full of practical things you can do to help protect the environment, all designed by Greenpeace’s world-class campaign teams for maximum impact.

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To change everything, we need everyone. Here’s how you can help.

Quick actions

Short on time? These simple actions take less than two minutes.

Bee flying towards a clump of purple flowers

Save bees from deadly pesticides

Group of women holding signs at a climate protest. The ones we can easily read say: ‘Be part of the solution, not part of the pollution’ and ‘It’s a beautiful world, let’s keep it that way!’

Protect the right to protest

“What I love most about Greenpeace is the fact that it’s a worldwide organisation, and they are actively doing things to try and help everyone and our planet.”
Sherma, Greenpeace supporter See Greenpeace victories

Volunteer with Greenpeace

Join a local volunteer group

Meet other Greenpeace supporters near you and work together on campaigns and events.

Join the Political Lobbying Network

Help win campaigns as part of our network of trained political lobbying volunteers.

Become a Greenpeace Speaker

Share your passion for the environment and inspire people in your community.

Volunteer to take direct action

Challenge companies and governments as a trained Greenpeace activists.

Add your voice to a petition

Petitions are a powerful way to show how many people are demanding change. Sign a petition to start your journey with these key campaigns.

Greenpeace campaigner stands in a waste dump in Turkey, holding up a crisp packet from the UK

Help secure a Global Plastics Treaty

A person looks at a distant oil platform through binoculars.

Stop North Sea oil and gas expansion

A humpback whale leaps out of a blue ocean

Support a Global Ocean Treaty

Peatland Burning on North York Moors UK

Stop the burning of Britain's biggest natural carbon store

Aerial view of a giant fishing ship with a net trailing behind it

Keep destructive supertrawlers out of the UK's protected waters

Coal fragments spill over the edge of a giant mechanical scoop as it lifts them off the ground

Don't green-light the climate-wrecking Cumbria coal mine


Organise a talk with a Greenpeace Speaker

Greenpeace Speakers are trained volunteers who can give talks in person and online across the UK. Find the perfect speaker to talk to your colleagues, class or group and start a conversation about protecting the planet.
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“Hope doesn't come from calculating whether the good news is winning out over the bad. It's simply a choice to take action.”
Anna Lappé Tweet this

Leave a gift in your Will

You’ve put your heart and soul into protecting the planet. But you know the job’s not finished yet. With a gift in your Will, you can keep protecting our planet long into the future.
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Wear your heart on your sleeve

Show your support and spark conversations with a Greenpeace t-shirt, jumper or hoodie. Our products are made from organic cotton and printed in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory.

Ready to take action? Scroll back up to sign Greenpeace petitions on issues like climate change, plastic pollution, deforestation, and protecting nature.

Looking for a bigger challenge? Find out how to volunteer with Greenpeace – you could join your local group, apply to be a Greenpeace activist, lobby politicians, become a Greenpeace Speaker, volunteer at a festival, or help out in the office.

Want to donate to Greenpeace? There are lots of ways to chip in: you can make a one-off donation or set up a regular monthly gift. You can organise an event or take on a challenge to raise money for Greenpeace. Or you can donate in memory of someone special, or leave a gift to Greenpeace in your will.

Or if you want to learn more first, check out our beginners’ guides to environmental challenges and solutions, get inspired by some Greenpeace victories, or find out how Greenpeace creates change.