18 animals that went extinct in the last century

As David Attenborough explores in his latest documentary, humans have already driven many plants and animals extinct. Our impact serves as a stark warning at what species might yet be lost. Let's meet 18 animals that went extinct in the last 100 years, and find out what drove them to extinction.

Bright blue seas: the need to properly protect our offshore Marine Protected Areas

New Greenpeace analysis has found that only five of the UK’s 73 offshore protected areas ‘may be’ progressing towards conservation targets. Just two offshore protected areas have long-term site condition monitoring available - a damning reflection on the government’s failure to properly protect the UK’s waters.

How supermarkets can halve plastic packaging

Supermarkets are under pressure to reduce plastic, but last year they produced more of it than ever. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Greenpeace has released a plan showing how supermarkets can half their plastic packaging by 2025. Here’s what they need to do.