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Waitrose, Tesco and now Sainsbury’s?

Posted by Greenpeace UK - 11th May 2016

It’s been an epic 10 days for the future of sustainable tuna in the UK

Just one week after Tesco threatened to ban John West’s tuna from its stores unless they sorted out their sustainability standards, Waitrose has done the same! And they’ve given them a deadline – if by the end of 2017, John West is not able to provide sustainable tuna, Waitrose will take their tins off the shelves!

Waitrose’s boss got your message loud and clear.

This positive move from Waitrose has been possible thanks to your massive mobilisation – in just three days more than 45,000 emails were sent to their Managing Director! As Waitrose is known as one of the greenest retailers in the UK, it’s only right for them to be consistent by taking responsibility for all the tuna products they sell, not just their own brand products.

Sainsbury’s – you’re next.

If Tesco and Waitrose can do it – so can Sainsbury’s. We’re calling on Sainsbury’s – as the UK’s second biggest supermarket – to tell John West to clean up or ship out.

Sainsbury’s came third in Greenpeace’s 2015 tuna league table. But it’s no good retailers offering sustainable tuna in their own brand products if the branded tins sitting next to them have come from companies which are trashing the oceans.

If you agree that it’s time for Sainsbury’s to join the movement for 100% sustainable tuna in the UK, then email their CEO now! John West are feeling the heat. Let’s turn it up.

Meanwhile, Greenpeace’s ship is clearing destructive fishing gear out of the ocean

The Esperanza and her crew have been pulling out so-called “fish aggregating devices”, which cause damage to all kinds of marine life, and especially to endangered shark species. Lots of this harmful fishing gear has been linked to John West.

But they can’t keep trashing the oceans with impunity.

From the thousands of emails being sent to supermarkets to the volunteers cleaning up the fishing grounds, we’re having an impact. That’s what I call teamwork!

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