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Cath Sutherland

Cath Sutherland

To stop the damage that humans are doing to our world, action needs to be taken at a governmental and international level. Individuals changing their lifestyles is not enough. Politicians will take action if they think their voters care about the environment and so getting across to ordinary people is crucial.

Greenpeace is so brilliant and clever at getting our message across, and works tirelessly to convince the public. That’s why I am active in Greenpeace.

I love the challenge of being a Greenspeaker – trying to put our message across in the right way for whoever the audience happens to be. I work part-time as a Humanist Celebrant, and have been a charity fundraiser, a lecturer (and lots of other things!) in the past.

Based in: Nottingham
Topics of interest: Any


Shirley Waterhouse

Shirley Waterhouse

Excited by the work of Greenpeace as a teenager, inspired by the daring missions of the original Rainbow Warrior ship, I’ve been a supporter for many years, and now campaign with my local group.

There is still so much to do, with Greenpeace still at the forefront. I feel privileged to be able to help spread the word about our campaigns and how everyone can get involved. I work in the pharmaceutical sector but also have experience in education and training and am encouraged that so many young people hold the future of our planet close to their hearts – those of us a bit older need to be acting too. There is no time for waiting anymore.

Based in: Northampton/work in St Albans
Topics of interest: climate change, deforestation, Arctic/Antarctic


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