Greenpeace speakers – East of England

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Hayley Pinto

Hayley Pinto

I’m a doctor and a mother. Four years ago I read something about climate change that woke me up to the urgency and scale of the problem. I realised I had to do what I could, for my kids and to save the natural world I love.

As a doctor I’m interested in the health implications of environmental degradation but I’ve found it fascinating to learn about other aspects: ecosystems, agriculture, economics, energy, etc

I’m passionate about the need to educate and engage communities and individuals. I love teaching and have done talks with schools, university students, health care staff and community groups.

Based in: Marsham
Topics of interest: Any, but in particular climate change (esp. health impacts) and oceans


Jim Lomas-Farley

Jim Lomas-Farley

I have been a keen Greenpeace supporter for many years and now have the time to devote my energy and enthusiasm to assisting with spreading awareness of the very real ecological threats to our planet.

I’d like to engage with anyone who will listen, and some who would rather not! Protecting the planet is not a job for Superman, it is the job of every man, woman and child and it will be accomplished by everyone doing what they can.

Based in: Huntingdon
Topics of Interest: Oceans, deforestation, climate change


Penny Reid

Penny Reid

I am a qualified HR Practitioner and have worked in education for many years. I also offer therapies in Healing/Mindfulness and am interested in Learning & Development and Well-Being.

I joined the local Greenpeace Group after supporting the End Ocean Plastics Campaign and am a proud Greenpeace Speaker. I’m keen to share information about issues and activities I am passionate about, raising awareness and hoping to inspire others to become involved.

With informed choices and solutions we can care for ourselves, each other, all sentient beings and the world we live in, preserving our peaceful and beautiful earth.

No Planet B!

Based in: Chelmsford
Topics of interest: Any


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