South West Greenspeaker – Colin Newman

Colin is a Greenspeaker based in Falmouth and he is happy to deliver Greenpeace presentations across Devon and Cornwall. If you would like to contact Colin, to request he speaks at an upcoming event, then please complete the form below.

Colin Newman

I am 50 years old living in Falmouth, Cornwall. At the moment I am currently seeking work as I took voluntary redundancy from the Civil Service after 25 years mostly in the Land Registry to move to Cornwall and so pleased to have moved to a beautiful part of the country. I am living with my wife, who is currently supporting me in the manner I’d like to become accustomed.

I am a keen walker, having walked most of the South Coast and all of the Thames. My major indulgence over the years is music, I have eclectic tastes, I love listening, going to Gigs and am now producing my own (to varying standards). I also enjoy painting, reading, and photography but the majority of my spare time is taken up with my involvement with Greenpeace.

I first “joined” Greenpeace in 1995 before the time of the internet, it was a chance meeting on a street stall. I had always had an interest in the Environment and with two young children at the time it became more obvious to me that I had to do something that stopped and challenged the excessive greed of Corporations and Governments to the detriment of the Natural World. I must have conveyed my emotions as such as the lady who was the Area Networker of South Wales asked me to take over the Swansea Group there and then, thus started my relationship with Greenpeace.

Non Violent Direct Action (NVDA) has always been central to my involvement and have been on numerous actions too many to remember and count. But each action gives me the opportunity to challenge the reasons why I have to take personal stand. One of my most memorable actions was the Occupation of Edmonton Incinerator to stop the continued emissions of poisonous and noxious gases, I was a Sherpa, which meant I had to help carry equipment up the inside of the chimney for the climbers and occupation at the top. It was one of the hardest days work I have done, not helped by having to fetch more water after one of the climbers dropped the occupation supply. But after leaving the chimney the police let us walk through their lines because we were so dirty they assumed we were workers, notwithstanding that we were being abused by the actual workers. This action led to a local action group which I had many years of involvement and actually stopped the building a new incinerator and the conversion of the existing one to a recycling plant.

I have had less exhausting times as well, playing basketball with Robbie Williams, been sworn at by Madonna, to mention just a few of many. I have made many lifelong friends over the years and still am involved because I still have to take a personal stand against injustice to the Natural World and being able to talk to others why its important to me, could also spark them to do something.

If you would like to contact Colin, to request he speaks at an upcoming event, then please complete the form below in as much detail as possible.

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