South East Greenspeaker – Julia

Julia is a Greenspeaker based in Oxford and she is happy to deliver Greenpeace presentations across London and the South East. If you would like to contact Julia, to request she speaks at an upcoming event, then please complete the form below.

Julia protestingSometime in 1988 I foolishly ticked a box saying I would organise a street collection for Greenpeace and a few months later someone called me on it. Since then I have participated in direct actions, dressed up as polar bears, chickens, puffins and possibly some other wildlife I’ve forgotten, worked with Greenpeace’s volunteer network in Oxfordshire, lobbied politicians (and recently trained other volunteers to do this), organized events, and cooked tons of quiches and cakes.

And I have talked to shed loads of people about Greenpeace campaigns in the street and at festivals and as a Greenspeaker, I’ve been telling people about Greenpeace in more formal settings – well, indoors any way. I trained and worked as a research scientist for 20 years and now I am a consultant and trainer working for voluntary sector organisations funding health, medicine and research. My science background seems to help with some of the more challenging discussions that can come up with sixth formers and Oxford students, amongst others. In my spare time I go to the movies, I love to cook, I watch birds and I am currently doing a bee-keeping course.

It was the nuclear issue that first made me resort to civil disobedience – I joined 599 other people to oppose THORP in 1993 by lying down in Whitehall. Although we did not stop that plutonium reprocessing plant opening (though it never really worked properly), opposition to renewed French nuclear weapon tests in 1995 convinced me that things really could be changed by organisations like Greenpeace and their supporters. People in Oxford queued up – and I mean long queues – to sign a petition against the tests and on a Greenpeace table by some traffic lights, people literally threw money at us from car windows. Now if we could just convince everyone to take climate change a bit more seriously…

If you would like to contact Julia, to request she speaks at an upcoming event, then please complete the form below in as much detail as possible.

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