North West Greenspeaker – Liz Stanton

Liz is a Greenspeaker based in Preston (Lancashire) and she is happy to deliver Greenpeace presentations across Yorkshire and the North West. If you would like to contact Liz, to request she speaks at an upcoming event, then please complete the form below.

Liz Stanton protestingI have been with Greenpeace now for about 20 years, since I first met the Preston network in a park whilst taking my children out. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t worry about the way we were treating our planet – I have clear memories of my dad reading something in the paper in 1971 about there being a hole in the ozone, and thinking we need to do something about it! I was only nine then, and Greenpeace weren’t around! I later got involved with CND and Oxfam, which I am still involved with today. I joined Greenpeace as I felt with them I could be part of an organisation that offers solutions to the problems the planet faces, as well as helping to keep the general public informed as to what was happening to our planet that shouldn’t be.

So, who am I? First and foremost I am a mum – I have two lovely children, both adults now. They have lived with all our Greenpeace stuff throughout their childhoods, and can tell many a story. Their friends talk about coming round to our house when they were younger and being fascinated with various Greenpeace paraphernalia lying around the house! I also work full time with families who are homeless – a job which I love. Greenspeaker Liz StantonI have over the years had many hobbies – playing the guitar, running, belly dancing, zumba, swimming, walking, gardening, reading – some I still do, but there is more out there that I want to try. I am also the network coordinators for Greenpeace in Preston – although all of our network pulls together to make this role almost effortless. Together we do local stalls, raise money by facepainting, and occasionally get involved with actions for Greenpeace – my first involved spending the day as a cow outside a Sainsburys in Leeds, highlighting the problem of GM feed being used to feed cows that produced milk that Sainsburys were selling. I have also spent the day outside Nestle dressed as an orangutan, and done some other actions that didn’t involve fancy dress!

I have done various Greenspeaks over the years – from teenage groups and schools, to talks after film screenings and Rotary groups as well as University societies and other Green groups as far away as Manchester and Leeds. I’ll go anywhere within a reasonable distance, and usually take another Greenpeace volunteer with me to help answer questions. I am always nervous before a talk, and think why have I got myself into this, but am always buzzing afterwards, as there is so much support out there for what we do. I will quite happily talk to any group of people, so long as they want to listen, but my favourite talks have to be with school children – they ask anything they like and if they are bored, they let you know!

If you would like to contact Liz, to request she speaks at an upcoming event, then please complete the form below in as much detail as possible.

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