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Athen Ayren

Athen Ayren – North London

I remember hearing in school (long ago) about rainforests being chopped down, and thinking surely someone would do something about it. It honestly didn’t occur to me that that person might be me. Yet here I am, a tiny cog in the bigger picture, doing what I can in my spare time.

That spare time is quite limited as I am busy (I’m a musician) but baby steps add up. Together with the Greenpeace family we’ve made many small changes which accumulate into big change. When we work together we become powerful. We need every person – no matter who – to do what they can.

Based in: North London (East Finchley)
Topics of interest: Forests


Roisin Robinson

Roisin Robinson – South London

I got involved with Greenpeace 25 years ago when the words Global Warming and Climate Change appeared. Having four children under 10, I thought I should find out more. Greenpeace provided information and I joined the volunteer network.

I worked as a local journalist. I helped start several South London groups and now run Greenpeace Bromley. I have made many close friends and enjoyed being a Greenpeace orang-utan, taking part in festivals and campaigning on street stalls.

I feel it is important to link with the community to show them how Greenpeace peaceful campaigns have changed the world for the better.

Based in: Bromley
Topics of interest: Any


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