North East Greenspeakers

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Rosie Hogg

Rosie Hogg – Newcastle

I became active in Greenpeace in 2011 after seeing a film celebrating 40 years of Greenpeace – it changed me from being a passive supporter to an active volunteer, and I’ve never looked back!

I co-run the Newcastle group as well as volunteering as a Greenspeaker. I’ve worked as a teacher in special needs schools and am now completing my training to become a psychotherapeutic counsellor and give more time to my environmental and political activism.

By sharing the work and values of Greenpeace I hope to educate and inspire people to do what they can to protect our planet.

Based in: Newcastle
Topics of interest: Any


Malcolm Reid

Malcolm Reid – Newcastle

Malcolm began supporting Greenpeace more than 30 years ago, inspired by its opposition to nuclear weapons and nuclear power, and the extreme bravery of its activists, particularly those who risked their lives to protect whales by driving inflatable dinghies between whales and harpoon gunners.

On retirement as a maths teacher he worked as a volunteer at Greenpeace fringe events to party conferences, became a voluntary climate communicator, then an activist and also a Greenspeaker, giving talks in the NE about Greenpeace’s principles and campaigns. He also co-chairs a local group.

Based in: Riding Mill
Topics of interest: Any


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