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John Halladay

John Halladay

I first became aware of Greenpeace when the Rainbow Warrior was sunk in Auckland in 1985. I immediately became a supporter and, 10 years ago, started leading the Canterbury group.

I have campaigned with Greenpeace to protect our oceans and forests, to protect the Arctic and the Antarctic, to stop fracking and to prevent climate change. Greenpeace actions have taken me all over Europe and the UK and I have seen the inside of more than one police cell.

By being a Greenspeaker I hope to help people understand what is happening and demonstrate practical steps that everyone can take.

Based in: Canterbury and Bracknell
Topics of interest: Climate change


Tim Valentine

Tim Valentine – Kent

I became a Greenpeace supporter in 1985, when I heard the Rainbow Warrior had been sunk while on her way to campaign against French nuclear weapons tests. I’m an active member of the Canterbury group.

I enjoy sailing in the Thames estuary and watching the wildlife –especially the seals that lie on the sand banks at low tide. Greenpeace combines two passions of mine – protecting the natural environmental and messing about in boats! I’ve been a Greenspeaker for several years and have given talks to primary & secondary schools, university audiences, the WI and other community groups.

Based in: Faversham
Topics of interest: Climate change, renewable energy, air pollution


Julia Spragg

Julia Spragg – Oxfordshire

I’ve been involved with Greenpeace since 1989 and first participated in direct action in 1993 to oppose the expansion of the nuclear power industry. After working as a research scientist for 20 years I became a consultant and trainer working for voluntary sector organisations funding health, medicine and research.

As part of the Greenpeace group in Oxford, I had already spoken to many people in many contexts about Greenpeace and its campaigns, so becoming a Greenspeaker was a great way to tell others in Oxfordshire and adjacent counties about how Greenpeace works and why it’s an effective organisation.

Based in: Oxford
Topics of interest: Any


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