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Malcolm Carroll

Malcolm Carroll

I live by the Severn in mid-Wales with wife, Becky, 10yr old daughter Chloe, chickens, ducks and polytunnel. I joined Greenpeace because of its passion and professionalism and has been involved for 20 years. I’ve been getting to know Wales better by walking the Coastal Path.

I’ve taken part in Greenpeace actions on three continents. I love presenting on Greenpeace itself, its campaigns, and its challenging ethic of nonviolence. I’m happy to travel in Wales and the West Midlands, which I’ve got to know whilst completing a PhD at Aston Business School.

Based in: Caersws
Topics of interest: Any


Neil Jones

Neil Jones

I’ve been a Greenpeace volunteer for 10 years, co-ordinating a successful local group. I’m up to date on all campaigns so happy to speak about anything from climate change to protecting our forests and oceans.

I’m a qualified teacher, confident speaking to people of all ages and those with special educational needs. I love to get others as inspired as I am about how Greenpeace is making a real difference and protecting our planet for future generations.

Dysgwr Cymraeg ydw i.

Based in: Aberystwyth
Topics of Interest: Any


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