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Alan Rawlinson

Alan Rawlinson

After travelling around, I stumbled on a teaching job in a remote Kenyan village. I then did a degree in Ecology in Leeds. I have now taught in Leeds Primary schools for over 25 years.

It was these travel experiences that gave me a passion for social justice and caring for our fragile planet – knowing the effect that climate change will have on the most marginalised people of the world.

8 years ago, I became actively involved in Greenpeace and as a Greenspeaker, I have spoken to a wide range of audiences from KS1 assemblies to University students to Third Age clubs

Based in: Leeds
Topics of interest: Any, but in particular climate change and plastics


Jon Yates

Jon Yates

I love the outdoors, running, cycling, walking and enjoying nature in all its beauty. Having represented organisations though a varied career, I wanted to give something back by speaking about the brilliant work that Greenpeace carries out.

I have spoken on many different topics at schools, universities and businesses and would welcome the opportunity to present to you. The Earth is our collective home and we should all learn to respect and protect it to ensure that future generations can enjoy the wonders we take for granted.

I work in the big data and analytics industry, helping people see and understand their data to find insights quickly and effect meaningful change.

Based in: Harrogate
Topics of interest: Any


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