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Wind turbines take over Westminster tube station

Posted by Mal Chadwick - 26th September 2017

MPs arriving at work today are in for a surprise – we’ve taken over Westminster tube station with offshore wind turbines!

It’s part of a new joint campaign uniting energy companies with civil society organisations including WWF and the Marine Conservation Society. The campaign celebrates the huge drop in the price of offshore wind (50% in two years!), and calls on the government to put it at the heart of their plan for the UK’s energy system.


This morning, actor Peter Capaldi had commuters speculating as he helped us launch the campaign from Westminster tube station.


Public support

A YouGov poll, commissioned by Greenpeace and released today, shows that offshore wind is by far the most popular large scale technology for the UK’s energy future, three times more popular than nuclear and an astonishing twenty times more popular than gas. The results were consistent over age, sex, class, party allegiance, and the poll even united leavers and remainers.

At moments like these, when clean energy is headline news, the government should be feeling the pressure to change course on its energy policy. So can you help turn up the pressure? Almost 150,000 people have called on the Prime Minister to back clean power in the UK.

Want to help make it happen? Join the campaign for a clean-powered UK.


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