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The Greenpeace Environmental Trust (GET) is a registered charity (284934) and a company limited by guarantee (company number 1636817). Its income sources include legacies, donations and grants from Trusts and Foundations, Give as you Earn schemes and other donations from individuals. In 2014 the total income of GET was £5,311,262.

GET was founded in 1982 with the objective of furthering public understanding in and promoting the protection of world ecology and the natural environment. The Trust achieves its aims by grant-funding a variety of investigations, scientific research and educational projects. 

The Trust’s activities include:

  • Education: informing the public about issues concerning world ecology and the natural environment.

  • Research: investigating the state of and threats to the natural environment to inform work done by other bodies (including Greenpeace Ltd) to address this. 

  • Relief: to support both humans and wildlife to adapt to and survive adverse changes to their natural environment and habitats.

  • Promoting sustainability: this includes the promotion of both conservation activities and of the efficient and sustainable use of resources.  

The Trust’s work is currently prioritised into three areas:

  • Forests: particularly the protection of the Amazon and Indonesian rainforests, under continuous threat of destruction by illegal logging and clearance for paper pulping, palm oil and other plantations.

  • Oceans: particularly the protection of fish and other marine life from destructive and unscrupulous fishing practices, promoting the establishment of marine reserves and ending pollution of the oceans by toxic chemical dumping.

  • Climate change: raising awareness globally, promoting the development of renewable energy sources and striving to bring out a reduction in both actual and planned fossil fuel extraction and usage – particularly in the Arctic region. 

The Trust is governed by an unpaid Board of Trustees.

To find out further information on the activities of The Greenpeace Environmental Trust please:

  • Click on this link to be taken to the Trust’s page on the Charity Commission website.
  • Contact Supporter Services at Greenpeace UK on 020 7865 8100 or by emailing

If you are interested in making a major gift or supporting a specific area of GET’s work, please contact Andrew Sturley on 020 7865 8116 or email

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