Greenpeace Environmental Trust

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The Greenpeace Environmental Trust was founded in 1982 with the objective of furthering public understanding in world ecology and the natural environment. This includes:

  • looking at the effects of human activity on the natural environment
  • conducting research and making the results available to the public and
  • relieving sickness or suffering of people and animals as a result of changes in their natural environment.

The Trust achieves its aims by grant-funding a variety of investigations, scientific research and educational projects, such as work associated with the protection of Amazon and Indonesian rain forests, and, education, research into and solutions on climate change.

The Greenpeace Environmental Trust is a registered charity (Registration No. 284934) and its income sources include legacies, Give as you Earn and various donations from Trusts and Foundations. Managed by an unpaid Board of Trustees, the day to day work is done by one member of staff, the Trust's administrator.

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