Funding and governance

To maintain independence and integrity, Greenpeace never takes money from governments or companies. That means the Greenpeace Environmental Trust depends entirely on donations from individuals, trusts and foundations.


Every penny received by the Trust will be invested in a green and peaceful future for us all. Donations and grants are used to fund scientific research, investigations and education programmes.

The Trust supports vital campaign work across a number of priority areas in line with our global strategy. These include challenging investments in the oil and coal industries, researching the effects of plastic pollution on marine life, and exposing the destruction of rainforests at the hands of the palm oil and soya companies.

The Trust is one of two Greenpeace organisations in the UK. The other, Greenpeace Ltd, is the one most people know about which runs hard-hitting campaigns and confronts environmental injustices. Because of restrictions on what political campaigning charities can do, it’s a limited company but also funded by individual donations.

Providing a donation or grant

As a registered charity, individuals can support the Trust in a number of ways while also receiving tax relief. This includes via give as you earn schemes through your employer, making a major gift or by leaving a gift in your will.

The Trust also receives a number of grants from charitable trusts and foundations based in the UK who generously help Greenpeace deliver effective programmes of work both at home and abroad.

To find out more about the benefits of donating to the Greenpeace Environmental Trust, contact our dedicated team.

Board of trustees

  • Steve Warshal (chair)
  • Martyn Day
  • Colin Hines
  • George MacFarlane
  • Andrew McParland
  • Deborah Tripley
  • Alison Reynolds

The Greenpeace Environmental Trust is registered and regulated by the Charity Commission (charity number 284934). Annual accounts and other information can be found on the Charity Commission website.