Our impact reports highlight what we’ve done to create change and promote a green and peaceful future.

None of this would be possible without the help of ordinary people deciding to do something from where they are – from signing petitions and donating to campaigning in their local communities.

We release new reports annually, normally in Spring.


Our latest report

Looking at world events, it’s hard to avoid the word ‘chaotic’ when summing up 2022 – but Greenpeace supporters still created so many reasons for optimism. Despite the uncertainty unfolding around us, the Greenpeace community turned around oil tankers, transformed fast food menus and used pioneering science to safeguard previously unexplored areas of the Atlantic.
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Previous years

Impact report 2021

In 2021 we collaborated widely, while deepening our commitment to become allies to those who are too often ignored or silenced.

Impact report 2020

A year of challenge and uncertainty, but not without hope as we all became more aware of the value of nature.

Impact Report 2019

Global efforts to confront the climate emergency made this year feel like a coming of age for the movement.

Impact Report 2018

Powerful hope, as we laid the foundations for the protection of the natural environment on a greater scale than ever before.

Impact Report 2017

A year with new launches, like our plastics campaign and an investigative journalism platform, Unearthed.