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How much meat should I be eating?

Industrial meat is the world’s leading cause of deforestation. We need to end the system that’s churning out meat at an unsustainable rate – and in turn eat a lot less meat. Lots of people have already started. But if reduction is the key, how much meat is it ok to eat?


What if we funded transport like it really matters?

Everyone benefits from better transport, and putting some extra funding into the system could make a real difference. Here’s how things would change if we invested £10 billion more every year into fair, sustainable and affordable transport.

Mya-Rose Craig standing on an ice floe holding a sign reading 'Youth strike for climate' Blog

The most northerly youth climate strike ever!

What happens here in the Arctic affects the whole world - and often the people who have contributed least to climate change are the ones who are hurt by it the most. We have to act now.

Two activists hang from the side of a large fishing ship. A small Greenpeace boat drives alongside. Blog

LIVE: Greenpeace blocks destructive fishing in the North Sea

Activists have prevented a 117m long supertrawler from fishing within a Marine Protected Area off the coast of Scotland. Greenpeace has also created a 'boulder barrier' to stop harmful bottom-trawling in a 47 square mile area of the North Sea.