Take action

If we work together, we can take on the world’s worst polluters and solve its biggest problems. Here are some practical things you can do to help protect the environment, all designed by Greenpeace’s world-class campaign teams for maximum impact.

To change everything, we need everyone. Here’s how you can help.



Pledge to vote for climate action

There's an election coming up – let's force politicians to take climate change seriously. Pledge to vote for climate action.
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“What I love most about Greenpeace is the fact that it’s a worldwide organisation, and they are actively doing things to try and help everyone and our planet.”
Sherma, Greenpeace supporter See Greenpeace victories


Events and training

Come together with like-minded people to learn, connect and take action. In the run-up to the election, most events will focus on Project Climate Vote.

Add your voice to a petition

Petitions are a powerful way to show how many people are demanding change. Sign a petition to start your journey with these key campaigns.

Two bees on a flower

Protect bees from deadly pesticides

People stand on brightly painted traditional Senegalese fishing boats. A banner between the boats reads Global Ocean Treaty Now.

Protect the oceans now

Smiling protestor holds a handwritten sign saying 'The 1% flies, our planet dies. Ban private jets.'

Ban private jets

Sewage flows into a river from two concrete pipes

Stop sewage polluting our rivers and beaches

Still from an animated film about deep sea mining, showing a huge machine ploughing up the seabed with powerful headlights.

Stop deep sea mining before it starts

A hedgehog walks across lush green grass covered in fallen leaves.

Protect and restore England’s nature


Wear your heart on your sleeve

Show your support and spark conversations with a Greenpeace t-shirt, jumper or hoodie. Our products are made from organic cotton and printed in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory.