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What are the solutions to climate change?

We have the tools and tech we need to tackle climate change. Here's what works.

Why is there so much sewage in the rivers?

Find out how the UK's water got so polluted, and how we can fix it.

Why is meat bad for the environment?

Raising cows, sheep and other animals for meat is surprisingly harmful. Here's why.

Extreme weather: is climate change to blame?

Learn how climate change drives heatwaves, floods and other dangerous extremes.

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The climate crisis

Climate change can be overwhelming, but you don't need to be an expert to make a difference. Let's break down the key issues.

A fairer future

Protecting the planet means protecting the people who live on it. If we confront injustice and prioritise fairness in the green transition, we can build a better world for everyone.

Protecting the oceans

Our planet is 70% oceans and seas, but only a tiny fraction is currently protected. We need a global network of ocean sanctuaries to protect oceans from overfishing, oil drilling and plastic pollution.

Stopping plastic pollution

Plastic is an amazing material, but we're using it wrong. Overproduced and carelessly discarded, plastic pollution harms people and wildlife alike. It's time to rethink our relationship with plastic.

Protecting forests

Forests are home to extraordinary wildlife and unique Indigenous cultures, and they're essential in the fight against climate change. But the world's forests are under threat from deforestation for industrial meat, palm oil and logging.

Fixing the food system

Modern industrial farming practices, especially for meat and dairy, are causing huge environmental damage, squeezing out wild animals and accelerating climate change.

Wildlife and biodiversity

Biodiversity is one of the most important ideas for anyone who cares about the natural world. Let's explore what it means, and why it matters for all of us.

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