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How Barclays and other banks are funding climate change

Think you know your climate villains? One thing you might not know is that banks such as Barclays have earned themselves a place at the top of the list. They're funding the companies fuelling climate change – whether it's drilling for oil, clearing forests or violating human rights.


Rainbow warriors: how queer movements can inspire climate activists

As LGBTQ+ history month draws to a close, we celebrate three queer movements that fought David-and-Goliath battles – and won. It’s more important than ever for environmentalists to learn from these phenomenal activists as we continue to fight against the climate emergency.


8 reasons to love polar bears from a safe distance

Polar bears look cute, cuddly and even friendly. But don't be fooled. They're expert hunters and ferocious with it. Here are all the reasons you need to keep a respectable distance and admire them from afar.