Arctic uproar in London

Posted by Hannah Davey — 16 September 2013 at 5:42pm - Comments
All rights reserved. Credit: © Greenpeace

In a celebratory maelstrom of all that is Arctic, thousands of people yesterday took part in a mass act of creative civil disobedience. 

Walking (and dancing) alongside the biggest polar bear in the world, we carved a carnivalesque path through the traffic of Westminster. And so thousands of wonderful people brought a movement that has until yesterday been hidden online, to the streets of London.

Outside Shell’s headquarters on the south bank of the Thames, First Nation people, Kiera Kolson and Besha Blondin from the Northwest Territories in Canada explained about what oil companies like Shell are trying to do to their community, how they are resisting and how they need the whole world to help.

Then together, the 3000 people left their mark of disapproval outside Shell’s HQ by drawing chalk lines around feet and bodies inside an area that Greenpeace is legally banned from protesting in.


And in a cacophonous finale everyone roared with Aurora (who’s fur shook with the rage of the 3.7 million Arctic defenders written there) to let Shell know they were proud to break Shell’s injunction against Greenpeace and would not go quietly – a powerful Arctic uproar.

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