BREAKING: Cairn obtains legal interdict: ‘Twitter ban’ and 'gagging order' for Greenpeace

Posted by bex — 19 July 2011 at 7:35pm - Comments

Update: Read the interdict in full

In its latest move to cover up the truth about its Arctic drilling, Cairn Energy has obtained an extraordinary, wide-ranging legal interdict (injunction) against us, gagging us from posting Tweets and Facebook updates containing photos of yesterday's occupation of their Edinburgh headquarters.

The interdict also demands that we remove our Tweets and Facebook updates carrying pictures of protesters dressed as polar bears - and that we retract photographs issued to national newspapers.

Specifically, the court order prohibits "disseminating, printing, uploading, sharing, copying or otherwise publishing any images, photographs, pictures or other material (or copies thereof) taken or recorded by Greenpeace activists present within 50 Lothian Road, Edinburgh on or around 18 July 2011." 

Cairn is clearly worried that our volunteers got their hands on their secret Arctic oil spill response plan yesterday. This court order is apparently aimed at preventing its publication.

So the Cairn cover up continues; this time, not just at the expense of the Arctic and the environment, but also at the expense of freedom of expression. 

We are deleting the photos but, as you might expect, we're going to keep campaigning to protect the Arctic from reckless corporations who see the melting of the polar ice as a business opportunity.


That way it is not you directly, but we can still keep it going?


What bullies Cairn are.  Whatever happened to Free Speech? 

I don't understand - why is Greenpeace complying? It's an affront to freedom of speech and you or I are under no obligation not to report or photograph such rightful and non violent protest. If you need someone to appeal on your behalf without incurring loads of legal costs I'd be glad to! In the meantime do not give your CONSENT to this gagging order!

Sounds like an invitation, or an obligation, for all of us (including you) to take those pictures and tweets and to repost them on our facebook pages, to retweet everywhere, to blog about the events and to convince the idiotic judge that granted this absurd ruling that he lives in the 21st century and you can't censor activism and free speech any more.

I mean seriously, have they missed the wikileaks saga completely?

Oh and if an of those polar bears have got the arctic response plan, please email me a copy and let's post it file sharing the world over.




Why not call yourself lots of differnt names with fictitious names like "GreenPeese", "GreenPease" "Green Piese" ETC and upload the Cairn Oil information under these new organisations?

Cairn Oil will have to bring a gagging order on each one then, which will take lots of time and lots of money and they may just give up in the end, on the legalities anyway?

Obviously you'll need new representatives for each new organisation as they'll try and catch you out otherwise.

Anyway please think about it "GreenPiece" OOPs?


OK, sounds like the Streisand Effect is in play here. I don't normally follow Greenpeace activity, but this sounds interesting. Can anyone suggest any non-Greenpeace links to what's happening so that people like me can find out what we're missing?

Ethnic cleansing of natives is covered up in the name of capitalism and conservation - Is It Cos They Is Black? -http://philsreport.blogspo​​islands-please.html - YOU COVER FAR WORSE THINGS UP GREENPEACE - "The Ecosystem is Dead - Lakshmi Mittal is a Necrophiliac" -http://philsreport.blogspo​​-dead-british-mineral.html - YOUR JUST CONVERSATION NOT CONSERVATION!!!

Is is not possible to twitter trough Greenpeace channels in the Netherlands?

send me photos and i will post them myself.


post them to under a pseudonym. can't be that difficult, can it? british people suck at the net.

This whole saga is worrying.  Firstly that companies are able to obtain injunctions preventing release of information that is clearly in the public interest.  Secondly that pressure groups such as Greenpeace indulge in acts of trespassing and/or burglary as part of their methods.  Whilst I'm sympathetic to the argument of the ends justifying the means, I'm sure there are a lot of NoTW journalists who felt the same way about their phone hacking.


Polar bears are the projection of the Polar bear Pete Henrietta What ever, chased by the Danish patrol vessel on order of Cairn Energy. I saw a runaway in despair


post a link. let others publish.

This move is disgusting, and an affront to our current age of media openness, free access of information, and the freedom of speech

Just publish them under a pseudonim from a public computer such as an internet cafe, and then link to that. It isnt too difficult...

Reporting Scotland mentions this: It appears in the 13th minute. It's brief, but puts out the message.

By all means send the information to us on your database and we can post it...

I think that's nonsense increasingly unhappy these greedy before winning a government fail, but I intend to make a petition against it here in my country, I would like to be contacted by email of the news.

I have, and I expect others have too, copied the photos posted.  Can WE send the photos round Facebook and comment on them?

This is a serious question about why it seems to be taken for granted that AGW is an incontestable truth. How many of you have actually read the UN IPCC's Assessment Reports and the various critiques of their methodology?  The whole climate change debate stems largely from the Assessment Reports. I'm sceptical about pretty much anything politicians say to me and the IPCC is without a doubt an essentialy political body. Most of it is fairly heavy going from a non-scientist's point of view but I found the book Air Con: The Seriously Inconvenient Truth About Global Warming by Ian Wishart an interesting starting point from which to make further enquiries. Some fairly sensible points are raised, for example, why the influence of solar activity and Milankovitch cycles are underplayed by the IPCC; how can CO2  contributed by man actually play a significant role when CO2 is 0.04% of the atmosphere and nature itself contributes about 98% of that, not man; did Mann et. al. deliberately try to erase the Medieval Warming Period from their hockey stick graph as not fitting their analysis; why arctic researchers are consistently of the view that arctic ice cyclically recedes and regrows; why a proper reading of temperature/CO2 graphs shows increases in CO2 follow temperature increases and doesn't cause them; why a close look at the longer historical record shows regular increases and decreases in temperature far wider than presently and well before the internal combustion engine existed; and why global average temperature appears to have been decreasing since 1998 following an understandable spring back in temperatures since the Little Ice Age. I suppose if anyone reads this you may well say I'm just a "denier", whatever that means, but I am interested in knowing the extent to which those of you who accept the IPCC's views are aware of what seem to me as a non-scientist to be reasoned counter-arguments by numerous scientists who cannot posssibly all be written off as being in the pay of Big Oil.  

@ unbiased - Surely the point here isn't whether climate change is man made. It is whether it is a sensible thing to do; deep water drilling in the Arctic, when it is an environment known to be notoriously tricksy to manage in the event of a spill.
The goal here - to move beyond oil, isn't solely driven by environmental concerns. I, for one, hope we've got some robust alternatives squared away before the oil runs out...
... unfortunatley, though, we'll probably do the normal human (and particularly Western) thing - sit around, burying our heads, imagining someone else is doing something about it and then have a jolly good war about it when the situation becomes critical.

Is there anything specific that you guys would like me to post to twitter? I hate my twitter account anyway.


Going to be messy for Cairn now

Greenpeace you got my sympathies!

This is another example that the big money, just like big oil, can pretty much do what they want. "The power of money" in a whole new meaning in todays disgusting world.

I'm sorry to be a human or alive when I read stuff like this. Unacceptable in the 21st century but apparently they forgot to make sure that the judges where a part of this century.

Greenpeace should post a copy of this interdict on their web site, linked from this story.

It is a badge of honour.

The officials who colluded in this disgrace should be named and shamed too, starting with the judge.

Oh dear. Is it time for Greenpeace to form an alliance with the groups against censorship? The political Pirate Parties and the cyber-protesters Anonymous? 

Whatever law makes this possible for Cairn should be considered against the right of free speech and human rights.

Share the photos with individuals (like they had saved them from flickr before the court order) not directly linked with greenpeace so they can post them in their facebook accounts and then they can tag the greepeace and cairn energy pages on the photo so it shows up on your wall but without beeing you posting it.


This is disgusting and we shouldn't sit idly by while they screw oround with our planet.

I would love someone to post me those Photo's Bc i for one will post them.

What are they going to do.. Arrest Every internet user worldwide for telling the truth..

And its time we started hitting these Fatcat asswipes where it hurts. By refusing to buy or use ANYTHING manufactured Extracted or processed by this filthy company..



Hmmm.. cant polar bears publish pics discreetly and then we will happily spread them worldwide?! or hang on polar bears may be classified... as activists hahah!    Imagine!!  Funny how these beeg giants seem to make the same mistake drawing more attention to themselves and wot they are trying to hide... let them dig!!


This is really a shameful step on the part of Cairn Energy and just goes to show that powerful conglomerates the world over are driving Government policies and shaping the future of the planet instead of letting people decide their own future.

What is needed at this time is a public smear campaign against Cairn Energy and it need not have to necessary come from Greenpeace everytime. Everyone of us can contribute to that - In this day and age, it should never be a problem. Cairn has significant operations centered in India and Greenland - its pretty clear that the Greenland government as well as the local population are in cohorts with them. So a public smear campaign against their Indian Operations would hurt them greatly. Since Cairn Energy controls a significant chunk, this would bite them back.

 Its time for every responsible citizen to stand up and take action. For our future - For the planet's future.

Everyone can get the pictures by just going an internet wide search on google/bing images with Greenpeace Polar Bear Cairn.. You'll get all the pictures you want..

That is an insult to freedom of speech - this country is beginning to show worrying signs of corruption. Well done Greenpeace for your continued efforts to halt Big Money from ravaging what's left of our planet. Pictures or no pictures your supporters are here for you xx

Great bear stuff! Keep it up to stop the arctic being trashed.

Surely this confirms to the whole world that Cairn Energy's arctic drilling activities are so dangerous for the planet, in case of an accident, that no amount of risk assessment, research or sexing up of documents would persuade of the contrary. 

Shameful how Cairn energy uses bulling and corrupt tactics which in the end have the opposite effect from what was intended. 

Well done Greenpeace - stay strong as we stay strong with you.

If Greenpace think they are allowed to trespass on other organisation's property to protest, then everyone else should be allowed to trespass and protest against Greenpeace policies within Greenpeace owned property or vessels.

Just out of interest, do Greenpeace protesters walk everywhere or do they appreciate the rapid transit systems as fuelled by oil?


   Oh sad!  Court order....extraordinary.Censorship. and lets all keep praying too.


   Oh sad!  Court order....extraordinary.Censorship. and lets all keep praying too.

Most Polar Bears that are poked, bound, and gagged will usually hack their way free.      

You should fight the order and fight this censoership. If it was in the UK courts, see if it appies if the US branch of Greenpeace posts the photos from the States.  This kind of censorship should not go unchallenged. Big Corprorations cannot be allowed to get away with censoring freedom of speech, and the right to protest.

Surely if GOOGLE can put up photos then Greenpeace can.

cant you "throw away" the photographs in a place where they might be "found" and then someone not related to green peace can publish them???

Thats not were trying to dispose of them.....



Cairn suck !! 

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