BREAKING: Kumi Naidoo boards Arctic oil rig demanding an end to Arctic drilling

Posted by tracy.frauzel — 17 June 2011 at 10:28am - Comments

Our International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo is right now braving freezing seas to scale an Arctic oil rig. He's taking direct action to demand an end to Arctic drilling.

UPDATE: Kumi has been arrested and is being taken to Greenland in a helicopter.Kumi spoke to the Guardian thsi morning just before leaving for the rig. You can listen to the interview here:

Kumi arrived at the base of the rig by an inflatable speedboat after evading a Danish navy warship that has been circling the rig for several weeks. He’s now climbing 30 metres up the outside of one of the platform's giant legs while being hosed down by water canons.

A navy helicopter is about to take off from the warship protecting the rig. Radio traffic has made it obvious that Kumi is soon going to be the subject of the attentions of Danish navy forces.

Before leaving the Esperanza he told us why he was doing it:

After a freezing dash out from the coast of Greenland in a small boat to meet the Esperanza, I'm now preparing to leave again at first light to board the Cairn oil rig Leiv Eiriksson.

With one companion I'll follow in the footsteps of the twenty Greenpeace activists who've gone before me in the past two weeks. Together they prevented Cairn's reckless deep sea oil drilling here in the Arctic for a total of five days.

Most of them spent almost two weeks in jail and have been deported for their trouble.

Cairn's response was an attempt to silence peaceful protest with a massive lawsuit against Greenpeace International. In it they demanded we pay 2 million euro for each day our action prevented their oil drilling operation. But, despite a small army of expensive lawyers, it didn't go Cairn's way in court. The judge awarded them far less than they asked for and even questioned why Cairn didn't publish its oil spill response plan as we asked.

What's a spill response plan? It's the document that an oil company has to draw up explaining how it would clean up a spill. They are nearly always made public, but Cairn is keeping its one secret. Why? Because you can't clean up an Arctic oil spill, that's what the experts say, and publishing the plan would show that Cairn hasn't got a viable plan.

We have made repeated requests for Cairn's oil spill plan, including phone calls, faxes, emails, a visit to the company's UK headquarters and finally our delegation of 18 boarding the rig. Cairn claims the Greenland authorities won't allow it to publish the spill plan, but Greenpeace has legal advice making it clear that Cairn could easily publish the plan if it wanted to. It's standard industry practice.

Cairn is keeping the plan secret because it knows it is not worth the paper it is written on. Cairn is hiding it from the people of Greenland whose real economy depends on fisheries and a clean environment. It is hiding it from Greenpeace because it knows it cannot clean up a spill. It is hiding it from its investors who, if they knew the full extent of the risks, would think twice about investing.

In the final hearing the court did stipulate that Greenpeace is liable for 50,000 euro for each further day we interfere with Cairn's drilling. It's far less than Cairn asked for, but still a significant sum.

I have with me the names of 50,000 people who emailed Cairn to demand they publish their spill response plan. I am about to go aboard the rig to deliver those 50,000 names with a personal call that Cairn leaves the Arctic.

For me this is one of the defining environmental battles of our age, it's a fight for sanity against the madness of those who see the disappearance of the Arctic sea ice as an opportunity to profit. As the ice retreats the oil companies want to send the rigs in and drill for the fossil fuels that got us into this mess in the first place.

Fossil fuel driven climate change is already making life hard for millions. I have seen this first hand where I come from in Africa and it will only get worse unless we can phase out our addiction to oil.

We have to draw a line somewhere and I say we draw that line here today. Join me by adding your name to our petition calling on Cairn to publish their oil spill response plan.

The Arctic oil rush is such a serious threat to the climate, to this beautiful fragile place and to our hopes for a better future that I felt we had no choice. So I volunteered to come to the rig and make a personal appeal backed by Greenpeace supporters everywhere to call for an end to this dangerous arctic oil drilling.

Cairn has something to hide, they won't dare publish their plan to clean up an oil spill here in the Arctic, and that's because it can't be done. I'm going onto that rig to give them the names of fifty thousand people who've emailed them to demand they publish their plan, and I won't leave until I have it in my hands.

Great work Kumi, hope you're ok, and very glad to see the campaign against the insanity of Arctic drilling continues.

We all need to take action, UK and international politicians all need a kick up the derrier, and even if we can't be out there boarding oil rigs, we can take action closer to home.

Where's the live video feed?!

i can't see the petition anywhere? wanted to sign....

Hi, I'm very supportive of what Kumi's doing and want to add my name to the petition, but there is no option to do so on the page that should allow you to ...

Sorry folks, link is at the very top of the page: I'll add it to t he blog.

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Greenpeace’s executive Director Kumi Naidoo is braving waters not quite in the Arctic to highlight problems effecting subscriptions. He is taking direct action to plead with the people of the world to send Greenpeace more money. He hopes, by his brave and fearless example, that previous mistakes that we made with our campaign there will be forgotten by the world’s press.


Kumi spoke to us before leaving the Esperanza to explain further:

The freezing weather won’t stop us. The facts won’t stop us. And neither will a court order. Our aim is to gain as much attention as we can.  Our last mission to disrupt the evil oil drillers ended in embarrassment when it was pointed out that it was actually the Greenlanders who wanted the plan secret, and not Cairn as we originally thought [1]. This time we’ll side-step this issue by suggesting that Cairn should ignore the rules in force and give us the plan. This has the advantage that we know they won’t so we can string this out for a long time.  


Some say that we shouldn’t use diesel to power our 5000HP boats and that by doing so we support oil drilling. I say get a life! These people are stupid spoilsports. For example; I don’t want to consider  the appalling conditions of the abattoirs of McDonalds when I’m enjoying my Big Mac. Why should we think where the oil comes from for our ships? It’s a petty small minded attitude. This issue isn’t about oil. Well, it is, but our not our oil. It’s about your oil. Your oil that causes climate change, not ours that doesn’t. And it’s about the press release. And the subscribers. Please subscribe guys! We’ve got to cover out £100M admin fees every year after all.


Yeah, yeah. So Nuuk isn’t actually in the Arctic. But “Arctic 18“ has such a good ring to it. It is within a few hundred kilometres and it’s pretty cold too. I’m being really brave out here. Much braver that the oil rig workers who work out here every day of the week. Do they have to write press releases? No Sir. Neither do the those poor exploited Greenland fishermen. I’m sure that all of Greenland is with us, except obviously the population [2] who hates us.


I’m hoping to see an iceberg. Strange but there doesn’t seem to be any about. If we don’t see one (apparently they very rarely come round here anyway) then we’ll have to photoshop one in our next picture. There’s no pack ice either! What’s going on? Bloody typical. It would make a great photo. I wonder why if that’s why Nuuk has always been the main port in Greenland, because it doesn’t freeze over even in the winter? But we won’t let the lack of ice stop us painting a picture of  an ice-bound wilderness in out press-releases. You have my word on that.

I also promise our subscribers that we will kick up a fuss until we see the Oil Spill Plan. We won’t be defeated by the fact that most of the spill plan is already available on the internet [3]. We will shut our eyes when we turn on the computer, so that we don’t see it! That way, we won’t be lying. It is, I’m sure you’ll agree, a brilliant plan. We even got a legal opinion saying that, if Cairn wanted to, they could break the rules put in place by the Greenlanders, and release the remainder of the plan. It is a genius plan, dear subscribers. They are stuck both ways. If they release it, they break the rules in Greenland. If they don’t we get extra publicity. God I’m good. And brave. Did I tell you I’m brave? Please subscribe. It’s freezing. I can’t wait to get back to the diesel powered heating on board the Esperanza.

Now that we’ve got Cairn in this position, they are a PR goldmine. Every day they don’t release the plan (that they can’t release) we gain more publicity and more subscribers. Thank you Cairn! Thank you oil!

One thing we don’t want to do is to highlight any of the studies that show oil burns better in cold water aiding any clean up. No, instead we will rely on one line of an email from a Government official who was quoting another NGO (probably us! :-D). We will also make sure we make misleading comparisons to Deep Water Horizon (thank you BP. Millions of subscribers. Kerching!), and also to the Exxon Valdez. We’ll highlight the fact that the Exxon Valdez was a terrible accident, but not that they couldn’t burn the oil because it was on the coast. That’s what PR is all about: Highlighting what you want, but not what you don’t. ;-)


Ok, we know that Cairn have a legal right to drill. We know that the plan they had was acceptable to the relevant authorities. We know that Greenland has over all control of any incident. We know we are asking entirely the wrong people for the plan. But this is not the point, which is none of those things make a good press release or photo. Nor do they make me look brave. I am very brave. £100M a year, come on guys, cough up.

I’m selflessly not going to leave the rig until I have the spill plan in my hands. Or until I’m arrested. Or I get cold. Whichever come soonest. Please subscribe, and help us fight Arctic destruction by contributing to our £100M a year expenses.









Big Oil now has a propagandist who is prepared to do the same kind of job that Goebbels did for Adolph Hitler.

Obviously, Daithesci doesn't have the power to control the media that the Reich Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda had, but he gets round that problem by masquerading as a news agency.In this guise he issues a press release in which he attempts to put his own depraved views into the mouth of Kumi Naidoo, the former anti apartheid campaigner who is the executive director of Greenpeace International.

The reason for this latest missive from the TROLL HOLE is that Kumi has emulated the Arctic 18 and taken direct action against the Leiv Eriksson, another Cairn rig. Kumi is a firm believer in direct action and was jailed for it several times during his campaigns against Apartheid.

As soon as Daithesci heard of Kumi's brave demonstration of leadership by example he headed straight for his computer keyboard and started churning out disinformation and distortions of the truth, exactly inline with Goebbels Principles of Propaganda.

Directly in accordance with these principals, Daithesci constantly repeats the same half truths and spurious proofs of his so called facts. Time after time, myself and others have exposed his fake facts and multiple falshoods as well as pointing out that by his words he reveals himself as a PR mouthpiece for big oil.

I would hope that all decent, right thinking people will deplore his attempt to cast Kumi's brave actions as a cynical ploy to fatten the coffers of Greenpeace. Personally I was disgusted to read this poisonous slur and in my opinion, enough is enough. I am perfectly happy with healthy criticism but Daithesci is beyond the pale. The moderators should ban this mealy mouthed obnoxious TROLL.

Seems Cairn announced a reshuffle at the top yesterday; their new CEO said “I am looking forward to leading Cairn as we continue to seek to create and deliver material value for shareholders.  Cairn’s key strength of entrepreneurial exploration remains the focus of the Group offering investors significant growth potential in combination with underlying asset value and balance sheet strength.”  No surprise there then - shareholders 10: environment 0. 

Dear Irvin,

You seem to imply that what I put in the dummy press release is false. None of the main points are false. As the Guardian reported yesterday:

[quote]""The Greenland Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum (BMP) has established some of the most stringent operating regulations anywhere globally, which mirror those applied in the Norwegian North Sea," the company added in a statement.

The bureau says on its website: "The 'BMP emergency management programme, hydrocarbon activities, Greenland' is a confidential document in order to protect personnel, telephone numbers, emergency storage buildings etc."

.....The Norwegian foreign minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, recently entered the debate about exploration for oil in the Arctic, telling the Guardian: "There is no reason why the world can tell Greenland there is oil and gas everywhere in the world that can be explored but that Greenland cannot."

He added: "This is a matter for Denmark and Greenland and I take it they have solid standards for [drilling] operations."

Asked about the direct actions taken by Greenpeace against Cairn Energy's activities off Greenland, he said he did not "want to venture into a criminal case".

Norway, the second biggest gas exporter and seventh biggest oil exporter in the world, has allowed the drilling of 80 wells in the Arctic, in the Barents sea. Støre said the proposed drilling of Greenland was at the same latitude as the main Norwegian oil and gas fields, in operation for decades, and was far further south than the Barents Sea."[eoq]

So these rigs are not unusual at these northern latitudes. The SW tip of Greenland we are talking about is not ice-bound (it's warmed by part of the jet stream). It's further south than many comparable rigs.

And as to your fantasy about me being in the pay of big oil...! That is just your fantasy, not reality.

This puff-piece that GP put out was just laughable: "brave", "selfless", "heroic". He climbed a ladder! (And wasted 50,000 euros of your money). That's about it. The exaggerations! Water Cannons! If they were water *cannons* he would *not* have made it up there. Water *cannons* break bones, and give serious internal injuries [1]. That was a *hose* Irvin, a *hose*. Just designed to make him wet and piss him off.


Oi, Goebbels.

Quote. "As to your fantasy about me being in the pay of big oil. That is just your fantasy, not reality." End of quote.

Do you really put all that work and effort in on behalf of big oil for nothing then. If so your hatred of Greenpeace and everything they stand for amounts to a psychotic obsession. Daithesci you are SICK.

Once more I call on the moderators to ban this mealy mouthed obnoxious SICK TROLL.


It's your obsession about *me*, that says a lot about *you*. Seems like I have a fan. Or a stalker. You're even copying me with the "[quote]" thing. It's sweet really.

Oi, Goebbels.

Are you claiming to be the inventor of "quote-unquote?" Have you taken out a patent on it?

Quote."As to your fantasy about me being in the pay of big oil. That is just your fantasy. Not reality." End of quote.

Question. Who is the fantasist who pretends he's replying to posts from David Icke?

Question. Who is the fantasist who thinks that there are parallels between Greenpeace and Stalins genocidal regime?

Question. Who is the fantasist who masquarades as a news agency and puts out fake "press releases?

Daitheski. You live in a make beleive world.You cannot contend with Greenpeace on the basis of real evidence so you make things up.No one should trust a word you say. You are a twerp, a nincompoop, a ninny.

You are also a mouthpiece for big oil. You are a mealy mouthed, obnoxious TROLL and the moderators should ban you.

With fondest regards. Your most ardent admirer. Irvin Bowley.






Do not feed the troll.

Good to see someone from a big environmental organisation taking action and making a very good point for a very good issue.

Hi Anon. About "Do not feed the troll"

I think you must have seen the extent to which Diathesci uses this site to try to undermine GPs campaigns. It might be interesting to do a check to see how many words he's posted on here in comparison with everyone else. I bet he outnumbers the lot of us put together by at least fifty to one. He literally swamps the site with rancid verbage and I'm pretty sure he puts a lot of people off with his bullyingly arrogant attitude. I do have a pretty full and rewarding life to lead and I have better things to do than keep knocking this nasty troll off his perch, but as long as he keeps churning out gargage and posting it on these pages I feel someone has to expose him for what he is. Do you think I should stop and leave him a clear field to do as he wants?

The question I want to ask is, should he be allowed to keep swamping these pages when he so obviously hates everything that Greenpeace stands for? As I understand it the various forums on the internet operate a protocol, whereby persistant trolls are banned by the moderators. I doubt if there is a more persistant troll than Daithesci on the entire global network so as far as I'm concerned he is a prime candidate for a red card. I admit I am seriously puzzled as to why the moderators have failed to act and I can only assume that its because not enough people are calling for his ass to be kicked off the site. Apathy is often the reason why things that should get done,don't.

I invite comments from interested parties.






Dear Irvin,

I'm an interested party. FYI I don't "hate everything about Greenpeace". I hate what Greenpeace has become. It started out as a David v. Goliath struggle; a few blokes in a sailing boat putting themselves between a whalers harpoon, and the whale. Massive respect. Those guys had balls like balloons.

Now it's just another PR machine, and a dishonest one at that. It's essentially a political party masquerading as a charity. I think the same of it as I think about most politicians. It's more about serving self-interest than serving the cause they believe in. They claim to stand for science, yet ignore scientific studies when it doesn't suit. They ask for your money to fight causes, then spend the vast majority of it on "running costs" rather that the causes themselves. They ask you to move beyond oil, then power around in 5000HP boats. They decry the use of air-conditioners, then use diesel powered air-conditioners on their boats.

Irvin, that Animal Farm quote *is* Greenpeace. They started off as a champion of the oppressed. Now they are the oppressor. Have you seen the salaries for the jobs they advertise for in the Guardian? The majority of their campaigns are just to show the gullible that they are 'doing something' through PR bluff and bluster. Smoke and mirrors. They won't achieve anything in this case. The drilling continues. And when there's no more PR mileage to be had, like an illusionist they'll move to some other 'cause celebre'. And all the while £100M pa gets swallowed by their machine, never to be seen to help any of their campaigns.

Their organisation is too obese. They need to be broken up. To start again. With an open honest attitude. No lies. Listening to science, rather than their wallets.

This is what they used to be:

This is what they are now:

Oi, Goebbels.

Somehow I just knew you'd have to be the first to post after my invite to interested parties. Heres the relevant quote from the Goebbels Principles of Propaganda.

13.a. The communication must reach the audience ahead of competing propaganda.

For the benefit of interested parties,heres the link.

Ever hear the saying that goes,"Were talking about you, not to you." I actually think the debate as to the banning and/or feeding of trolls is worth having and it will surely be better conducted without you trying to hijack it before it gets off the ground.

And please revert to your self aggrandising condecending attitude in your dealings with me, I find it unnerving when you come accross 'all normal.'

There are a number of things in your post that I would love to debate, but I think it's high time someone else had a go, so I'm keeping shtum. I can't resist asking you this question though.

Question. If five men and a dog had boarded the rig and demanded to see Cairns disaster plan, would you think that a cause worth supporting?



Interesing link to Sea Shepherd, I had a good look, very interesting, thanks very much.

They have some nice boats, very fast and they need to be 'cos the Southern Ocean is a long way away and those whalers are fast.

The thing is, I couldn't see the sails, or where the oars went?

I assume they must have them, otherwise their comments pages would be plastered with comments from you.

But then again I couldn't find anywhere for free comment either.

Oh look, we're off topic.

Top Trolling there Daithesci.

Getting away from the troll bating (entertaining though it is), I'm intrigued to know what's next.

The Greenpeace International Director is behind bars, and so I wonder if the Greenland authorities are so daft as to prosecute him personally. As I understand it Kumi is a South African veteran of the campaign against apartheid, so I reckon he's faced some fairly hairy situations in the past. A stay in a Greenland jail would escalate the publicity around the campaign, and might finally persuade Cairn to see sense.

Or how do we as individuals, sitting behind our computer screens, as opposed to inside a prision cell, add fuel to the fire. How do we get the word out there, and inspire others to sit up and take notice? Drilling for oil in the Arctic is insane, and threatens the future of all of us. How do the actions of the few become the inspiration for the many?

Dear KD,

"Interesing link to Sea Shepherd, I had a good look"

I did too. I didn't see a "Move Beyond Oil" campaign on their site. I didn't see the rank hypocrisy of Greenpeace, nor them burning through £100M pa in "expenses". I did see some brave, committed individuals who put their bodies on the line to an extent that Greenpeace haven't done for decades.

A guy from Greenpeace climbs a ladder, and he is "brave", and "selfless", and "heroic". A guy from Sea Shepherd gets into a close quarter fight with illegal fishermen - right in their face, and not even a mention. No bullshit - just action.

They put Greenpeace to shame.

Dear Candleflame,

You:"The Greenpeace International Director is behind bars, and so I wonder if the Greenland authorities are so daft as to prosecute him personally."

Yeah Right! They'd hopefully make a very public case about it. The chief hypocrite behind bars. Result. Let's see what the GL gov't has said on the matter [1]:

“The Government of Greenland denounces the Greenpeace actions against oil drilling in Greenland. In Greenland we consider Greenpeace’s actions against oil drilling as part of their eternal search for media attention and ultimately as a search for financial donations from the western world. This is cynically at the cost a less developed country’s legitimate right to economic development. Last night’s actions clearly show Greenpeace’s indifference to endangering the lives of others, as long as they get the media attention they crave for. [ end of quote]

Does it sound like they'll go easy on him? They are going to throw the book at him..!

You:" As I understand it Kumi is a South African veteran of the campaign against apartheid, so I reckon he's faced some fairly hairy situations in the past. "
So what? The issues are in no way related. Rupert Maxwell won a Military Medal for bravery. It didn't make him a good newspaper owner.

You: "A stay in a Greenland jail would escalate the publicity around the campaign, "
Excellent. A photo of him in an orange jumpsuit with shackles and handcuffs would be my new screensaver.

You:" and might finally persuade Cairn to see sense."
Ha ha haha ha ha ha ha haaah aha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hhaaah. [Pause for breath] Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hhaaah. Ha ha haha ha ha ha ha haaah aha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hhaaah. [Pause for breath] Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hhaaah!!!!

You:" Or how do we as individuals, sitting behind our computer screens, as opposed to inside a prision cell, add fuel to the fire. How do we get the word out there, and inspire others to sit up and take notice?"
Just send in the cash baby. It's the cash they want.

You." Drilling for oil in the Arctic is insane, and threatens the future of all of us."
1) They are not in the Arctic. 2) The threats are hysterically exaggerated 3) They'll drill for oil wherever as long as people like GP continue to buy 8000L per day, per ship.

You: "How do the actions of the few become the inspiration for the many?"
I'm glad to hear I'm an inspiration. Far too modest to use that epithet for myself, but if you are thrusting greatness upon me, I humbly accept.


Here's some figures for you:

Regarding GP's fuel usage: GP latest available accounts show that they used over *6 Million Kg* of CO2 for their boats, at 2.68 Kg of CO2 per litre of diesel, that's *2.2 MILLION Litres!!!*, or to put it another way around £1.5 ($2.42) MILLION that GP pay *direct* to the oil companies - in order to protest about OIL!

They also used nearly *10 Million Kg* on "Business Travel". Assuming that's Plane travel (Kumi didn't walk from Japan to Greenland), at 2.65 Kg per litre, that's *3.7 MILLION Litres* of aviation fuel. At $0.85 a litre, that's $3.14 MILLION *direct* to the Oil companies

Add other odds and sods, and It will be nearly $6 MILLION USD that GP pay to the OIL COMPANIES every year.

Also from the 2009 accounts (Figures in Euros):

Total income: 199 Million

Expenditiure on all Campaigns: 54  Million

The difference (145 Million) is burnt through in various expenditure, wages, and PR. That's THREE QUARTERS of total income!

Hmmm what a load of very loud grunts from our local troll - you really are a lunatic, I mean what's with all the hahaha's?

I'm happy to continue this conversation with the humans on the site, and yes I guess it is time for a moderator to delete some of this hogwash.

Appropos of the troll debate.

Check the above posts on this thread and you will find that in terms of verbal volume, Daithesci swamps everyone else put together by 5 to 1. Check some of the other threads and you will find that the ratio is much higher. He denies that he is in the pay of big oil but in terms of output and content he clearly comes accross as a professional hack journo mouthpiece for big oil. As I've said once before, "If the cap fits...."

I started looking at this site after seeing a news item about the attempt to attach the pod. It is part of my job as a project engineer to carry out risk assessments and I couldnt help making a mental list of the hazzards in such an operation. I quickly concluded that they were literally "Off the scale" of anything I've ever encountered and no company I have ever worked for would allow its workers to take such risks. I concluded that the people involved in that operation would not take such risks unless they believed wholeheartedly in what they were doing.

I kept an eye on them because I wanted to see them come out of it safely and while I was doing that I read the stuff on here about the campaign to see the disaster plan. Then I started noticing that Daithesci was hijacking every thread and making unbelievably cynical comments about the activists and I thought, "What a nasty piece of work." 

It was the cynical nature of his posts that rattled my cage and I decided I couldn't be a bystander while he was spewing poison all over the site. So I entered the fray.

The most recent example of his poisonous attitude towards the activists was what he had to say about Kumi Naidoo.

Quote. "He only climbed a ladder."

Quite. "It was only a hose. They were only trying to make him wet and piss him off."

I have worked on overhead cranes for the last 25 years and the bane of my life is VERTICAL STEEL LADDERS exactly like the one that Kumi climbed and for that matter, exactly like the one that the arctic 18 climbed. A leaning ladder is easy to climb, You mainly use your legs and it is a bit like walking up a steep flight of stairs. Vertical ladders are a different proposition. You have to haul yourself up them using your hands and arms so its got more in common with pulling yourself up a knotted rope than climbing steps. And you have to spread your knees either side, otherwise you would keep banging them on the rungs. On a few, very rare occasions I've had to climb vertical steel ladders when they've been WET. Wet steel is considered to be extremely hazardous and people in the construction industry are not allowed to work on it. I can vouch for the fact that climbing a vertical steel ladder that has been rained on is a very tricky business. The prospect of climbing one when someone is showering water on me from above simply doesn't bear thinking about and whoever was holding the hose is a homicidal maniac.

So no Daithesci, He wasn't 'only climbing a ladder.' And I won't go into the risks he took, getting out of a small boat on to the ladder.

I think I've said enough to show just what a cynical and truly sinister person Daithesci is, and in view of tha fact that he cleary hates everything that Greenpeace stands for, I am forced to wonder why the moderators allow him to monopolise this website.

I think the moderators should either ban him or at least explain why they won't.


Dear Irvin,

He climbed a ladder. Like I've done. Like You've done. Like most people in the world have done. Greenpeace (and their eco-zombie supporters) try to make it sound like he stormed a machine gun post single-handed armed only with a plastic spoon. Enough already.

What did it achieve?

Did it stop the drilling for a day? No.

Did it stop it for an hour? No

Did it stop it for a minuite? No

A second? No

At all? Nope. Nil point.

Did it make Cairn reconsider? No.

Did it make Cairn release the plan? No. That's still the call of the GL Gov't. Has been ALL ALONG!

Did the petition make any difference? I suspect it's in the bin.

Like *everything* with Greenpeace in recent decades, it's all about the photo opportunity and the press-release. As I've shown above the tail of Greenpeace (the PR machine) wags the dog (the campaign). As the GL Gov't have said:

"In Greenland we consider Greenpeace’s actions against oil drilling as
part of their eternal search for media attention and ultimately as a
search for financial donations from the western world."







@Irviin If you're interested in investigating the life and habitat of our local troll then try Google. You'll find an equally large amount of noise from the same troll on the Greenpeace International site and various blogs (including one in Greek?). Equally whereas the level of bile is something the oil industry could have paid for, it could equally be the work of a sad, obsessive Greenpeace hating adolescent. The quality of the trolls posts has degenerated so much,that if I was an oil company paying per post, I'd want my money back.

How about we move the conversation on? While Kumi is behind bars, what do the people (please ignore the troll) on this site think? what should we be putting our energy into?

Not another stalker. Greece? Actually though, it's great that you Google.  You'll see that I comment on other things besides this Arctic Fiasco: Nuclear, CCS... I suppose that I'm in the pay of the Nuclear industry too?

What amazes me is that very very few people on these sites actually think beyond the rubbish that they are spoon-fed by GP. They're mostly eco-zombies regurgitating the same lines that they've been fed, without thought, without reason. Empty heads chanting the 'catch phrase'.

I think Daithesci is doing a public service.

Greenpeace is a self-serving operation which exploits the idealism to pursue its empire building.

Facts and realities are anathema. Emotions and pseudo-science are the life blood of Greenpeace. Self-advertising cults of personality, see Naidu, are necessary to fire up the support base. Derring do and media headlines create cash flow.

Greenpeace is a multi-million pound entity that has a priority. Its own survival and media profile.

It is a cult that operates the same pschological buttons as many a mis-used religion.

@ candleflame99

I don't know how many hits per hour this site gets, but I suspect its quite a lot. My concern therefore is that among them will be many people who will have no experience of trolls and they will be genuinely confused by what Daithesci puts on here. His main aim is to confuse exactly those innocently naive people and when he succeeds he damages Greenpeace. I have no interest in "troll baiting"I simply think we have to provide a counterweight to Daithesci's presence and let the 'innocents' know what he's up to.


This troll doesn't need feeding. He's ever present and would be wether we engage with him or not. It wouldn't surprise me to find that he is some spotty little twerp of an adolescent. The extremely cynical things he says and the self aggrandising postures he strikes are signs of immaturity, if not mental illness, but in my opinion he's there to be dealt with and simply to keep moving on and ignoring him is to underestimate the harm he does.

What, pray, do the moderators think?  


Dearest Irvin,

"What, pray, do the moderators think? "

I think Spartacus probably *is* the moderator.

I'd love to talk about me all day, but let's move on to what you think about Greenpeace. What do you think about an organisation that swallows three pounds in every four on administration and expenses? They spend three quarters of *your* and everybody else's money on it, leaving only a fraction of your money to get where you intended it too.

What do you think about an organisation that spends SIX MILLION USD PA on oil - and then campaigns against oil? Asks the "little people" to 'move beyond oil' - and then spends this obscene amount itself?

Here's a nice quote by Adlai E. Stevenson:

"A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut
down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for

Ring any bells Irvin?

i c ant believe the reaction that people have on here.

Daithesci posts something that goes against the general feeling on here, and he's likened to a Nazi who had a hand in the death of millions of jews.! who is acting like that a**hole now?

as per sea shephards, have a look at their logo, look at friends of the earth as well. in fact there are many charity's that have 'interesting' logo's.

I work in the charity world sometimes fro green peace, and the more i find out about big charitys, the more i find corruption and stuff that is just downright scarey.

Some of the biggest 'enviromental' charitys out there are hiring mercenary armies and buying weapons 'to protect' conservation ares. incidently these tend to be area's with other resources near by (diamond/gold etc). Who are these people? you may say. wheres the proof? well just start reading a lot about it and i will say this one of the organistions in question is quite possibly the biggest wild life orginisation in the world. i have read many things about this organisation and recently 2 friends of mine from africa, different parts i might add, independantly confirmed some of this groups less than wholesome actions.- its WWF

im convinced sea shepards, f.o.e, and WWF are actually fronts for cynical people who have their own needs and noboby/nothing elses close to heart. im starting to think the same about green peace.

Absoluntly brilliant! :)

basically can anyone tell me how much in every pound gp actually spend on something that isnt admin/running cost?

@ Perdo P

Only 27 pence of every pound gets spent on the campaigns.

@ Pedro P says for the "Greenpeace Fund" which is different to GP (as they have no figures for GP itself) the figure is only £0.17. The chief exec gets $100K+ a year.

in all honesty if the chief ex worked in big business he'd probably get a 7 figure sum rather than the bottom ends of 6 fiqure salary's

you cannot seriously think that you can liken a person to goebbels. 

that was one of the most tragic events to occur in history and you are likening a person who merely points errors in your lets face it flawed argument as he has backed his points with evidence.

you are effectively belittling what the nazis did with your actions irvin. you make me sick and im disgusted by your comparison. 

how can you take yourself seriously? grow up. 

well said beth

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