BREAKING: Polar Bears occupy Cairn's HQ, and they're at your service

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by. Credit: Greenpeace
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Update: Cairn gets legal 'gagging order', requiring some Facebook & Twitter updates from our polar bear action be removed.

A few moments ago, fifty polar bears entered Cairn Energy's Edinburgh headquarters and occupied it. Their purpose? To look for Cairn's elusive Arctic oil spill response plan, and to take your messages to the heart of the company.

Send your message to Cairn in the comments below.

The fragile world of the Arctic - home to the Polar bear, the Narwhal whale and scores of other species found nowhere else on Earth, as well as to four million humans who rely on the unique balance of nature for their economy and survival - is under threat.

As the ice melts, oil companies are moving in to extract more of the fossil fuels that caused the melt in the first place. Cairn is spearheading this new oil rush at the top of the world, drilling in sites that are as deep as the Macondo well that ruptured in the Gulf of Mexico.

But above the Arctic circle, freezing temperatures, a narrow operational window and a remote location mean that a spill would be almost impossible to deal with. It's a catastrophe waiting to happen.

We're asking Cairn to publish its oil spill response plan.

More than 50,000 of you have already asked them to do so, including the global head of Greenpeace who boarded an Arctic rig to ask for it. Even the Amsterdam judge presiding over Cairn's lawsuit against Greenpeace questioned why Cairn didn't publish its plan.

Cairn's response? Nothing. Public scrutiny would show that an Arctic spill would be near impossible to clean up and that Cairn is woefully ill-prepared. So we are now inside the heart of the company's operations to look for the plan.

We're also on standby, waiting to receive your messages for Cairn. The last time we asked you to contact Cairn, they blocked all emails coming from our system. So this time, we're going low-tech, with pens and Post-It notes, and putting the messages where Cairn can't fail to see them: on their computer monitors, their desks, their notice boards and their office walls.

Send a message by leaving a comment below, Tweeting with the hashtag #Cairn, or commenting on our Facebook or Google Plusposts.

Each message you send us will be hand written - by a polar bear - so please keep it short, for the sake of the bears.

The bears will also, of course, be updating us throughout their occupation, so keep coming back to check the live updates.


Recent audio from Cairn's HQ:


Help Us Not Kill Us..Polar Bears Have Rights Too..

Do the DECENT thing and publish your spill response plan! What have you got to hide?

publish your spill response plan!

Come on Cairn  enough of your bear faced cheek show us your oil spill plan!

Why not publish? The worst that could happen would be that someone could come up with something better!

It would make us all sleep easier in our beds if you published your spill response plan. You have to have it so why are you being so defensive.

Cairn, this is  costing you money, goodwill and harms your reputation. If you believe in your plan, why not publish it?

Just get on with it and publish. The delay makes it even more suspicious.


Cairn disclose your Arctic oil spill response plan. If your a responsible firm you should have nothing to hide!

If you are hiding something there is no shame in changing your mind and doing the right thing.


Stop gambling with the arctic. An oil spill would be disastrous, and impossible to clean up. You know that too which is why you've not made public your disaster recovery plan. Us the millions of £s you're spending exploring for oil investing in green sustainable energy instead.

We have only one planet... we've to care about it! Publish your plan now!

Cual es el plan de contigencia ante una emergencia de derrame en el artico para no afectar nuestro mundo??????????????'' 

Presumably a lot of time and thought went into producing the plan, so why not publish it with pride?


Answer us!

Seriously Cairn,

This is not cool, if you don't listen to Greenpeace, all my fans will start riding bikes and so will their parents - and you know I have heaps of followers.. Do not mess with Dora.

Adios amigo

Without oil we would struggle to find another energy source, without a planet we are all dead, do the right thing Cairn and show that you aren't BP

Cairn, publish your oil spill response plan! Even if you have one, you can't handle the problem!

 Oil companies are responsible for the melting poles - that should not be allowed to prosper out of that damage- rather pay to repair it - Save the Artic from oil devastation & protect the Artic environment, wildlife & Polar Bears



Save th ebars! Clean Arctic now!

Cairn, c'mon, What Are U Hiding?!!

You obviously have something to hide. Publish and take the consequnces. Stop being moral cowards and environmental pirates


Listen to the bears! The Edinburgh fringe  festival isn't started yet and this is no comedy stunt act!

These bears are wiser than you give them credit. Edinburgh and the World is watching you and waiting for your response.

We are waiting!

It would make us all sleep easier in our beds if you published your
spill response plan. You have to have it so why are you being so

Why only researchers have to publish or perish ?!? PUBLISH THAT PLAN NOW !!!

Don't make me come up there!



Proove your own value and publish the oil spill response plan.

We, the polar bears are so nice and white and fluffy, and you know, that every child the world over loves us and worries about us. Why would you want to risk alienating your future customers and your own children by turning us black and sticky? Don't invade and destroy our home.

I'm a little polar bear

I only want to breathe good air

Please don't destroy my habitat

More oil isn't worth all that!



The Arctic doesn't belong to you Cairn! Get out!!

No oil drilling in the Arctic, once for all!



Publish your response plan and the activist polar bears will go away. Don't publish it and you could kill all the real ones. Which polar bears do you prefer? -mrG

The plan is there is no plan...


Publish the plan!

Save The Polar Bears!!

"Oil companies are responsible for the melting poles - that should not be allowed to prosper out of that damage- rather pay to repair it - Save the Artic from oil devastation & protect the Artic environment, wildlife & Polar Bears"

said an earlier commentator.

Where's the evidence for those assertions.

There is none.

PS. The ARCTIC not Artic.

Perhaps it is the Artic we should be worried about, wherever that might be.

The world belongs to all of us, not just you. Greed will never win.

At your deathbed you will figure out you can't eat money, that money won't give you love.

So show us your plan and stop destroying !



What are you afraid of?!

Hey, guuuuuuuuuuys!!! what is wrong with your plan that you don't want to show it, huh? Why does everybody have to ask you about it???

Just respect the Amsterdam judge and answer his question..

The Polar Bears have risen. Watch out for them!!

Come on guys! stop being short-sighted

Come on guys! stop being short-sighted

Cairn, I'm only 1 year old and even I know that you shouldn't mess with big bear.

He may look cuddly but he might bite if you mess with his family and his home. Hands off the bears or i will come in there and  tickle tickle tickle you till you tell me all your oil spill secrets! 

Please please publish your oil spill plan, it is vital to protect the earth and all its creatures.

Bill Gammell's home address is in this document :


The world is WATCHING you! 

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