Coal: the Kingsnorth Six on trial

Posted by bex — 28 August 2008 at 8:13am - Comments

Kingsnorth coal-fired power station

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On Monday, six brave Greenpeace souls will be appearing at Maidstone Crown Court for the start of a trial centring around Kingsnorth, coal and climate change.

In October last year, they took a personal stand to protect the environment and climbed to the top of the smokestack at Kingsnorth coal-fired power station in Kent.

Now, the Kingsnorth Six (Ben Stewart, Emily Hall, Huw Williams, Kevin Drake, Tim Hewke and Will Rose) are being prosecuted for criminal damage.

The trial could last for up to two weeks. While we’ll be restricted in what we can write for legal reasons (including switching off commenting on some blog posts - sorry), I’ll be blogging and twittering from Maidstone every day.

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