Shell: Dear Greenpeace, We know where you live...

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Paula Bear was unmoved by Shell's legal threats after opening their letter yeste
by. Credit: Creative Commons: Greenpeace
Paula Bear was unmoved by Shell's legal threats after opening their letter yesterday morning

Yesterday morning, staff at Greenpeace Germany received an important-looking letter from Shell - well, Shell’s Legal Services department. Over the next 24 hours or so, identical letters arrived at other Greenpeace offices, including Mexico, UK, France, Hungary, Nordic, Japan, Mediterranean, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Belgium, Canada and even Greenpeace’s Science Unit. I think it’s fair to say Shell had something they wanted to say to us.

The oil giant’s message was: I know where you live and I’ve seen where you sleep. I swear to everything holy that your mothers will cry when they see what I’ve done to you.

I’m paraphrasing, obviously. But it is true to say that Shell clearly wants to make certain that every Greenpeace office in the world a) knows about  the injunction Shell has taken out against Greenpeace USA and b) understands that if any office was to even think of going to Alaska and peacefully protesting near one of their drill ships, Shell will break out the big legal guns and point them straight at us.

As it happens, they didn’t need to go to the effort. All Greenpeace offices are well aware of the injunction Shell has taken out against Greenpeace US - mostly because, in our long history of being not very popular with corporate polluters, Shell’s injunction stands out as one of the most draconian and sweeping legal measures ever taken against a Greenpeace office. It’s up there with Cairn’s social media gagging order against Greenpeace UK and Greenpeace International (which is still in force today).

The injunction stops Greenpeace USA from holding peaceful protests (legal or otherwise) anywhere near Shell’s drill ships in the US. Why? Well, according to Shell’s letter (pdf), Shell doesn’t want any protests to threaten “Shell’s right, interest and investments in exploring for oil and gas on United States leases”.

Interestingly, Shell also claims to be concerned about “the threat posed by such activities [protests]... to the surrounding environment” - but apparently not about the threat posed by drilling for oil with outdated equipment in one of the most ecologically sensitive environments on the planet.  

While Shell’s lawyers battle on to prevent free speech and the right to protest, Shell’s drill ships are steadily approaching the Arctic. If Shell has its way, its drills will grind into action in just a couple of months’ time, beginning the transformation of Alaska’s pristine icescapes and waters into an industrial wasteland.

The good news though, is that Shell is clearly feeling the heat. The injunction - along with Shell’s extraordinary pre-emptive legal actions against a range of organisations - suggests to us that the massive groundswell of public opinion against them and a series of peaceful protests against their ship have taken the company by surprise and are making it nervous.

While Shell plans to irreversibly damage the Arctic, we plan to keep standing up to Shell. Greenpeace USA is appealing the injunction and continues to mobilize the public opposed to Shell’s plans. And we too will keep fighting to stop Shell and Save the Arctic. Please stand with us - and with the 450,000 people who are campaigning to stop Shell and Save The Arctic.

Shell wants Greenpeace to stay off their ships. Greenpeace wants Shell to stay off the Arctic. Fulfilling both sides only sounds like a fair deal to me. There are always two sides in a fair agreement, don't you think?

We will not give up until Shell stops destroying our planet. After all, we are only borrowing it from future generations. What kind of an Earth do those people want their children to live on? A planet with loads of oil - and no air to breathe.

Furthermore, even Shell doesn't know what to do in case of a huge oil spill - especially during wintertime. Though I'm sure they already possess the best technology for this kind of unfortunate events: shovels, rubber boots and plenty of buckets.

That letter is great.  I wonder how seriously Shell have taken the views they refer to?  Obviously seriously enough to deny right to freedom of expression and action.  Seriously enough to actually consider?  No, not if their billions of dollars on their exploration are an indicator of intent.

One day I will tell young children about the polar bear.

Who will say sorry to them?

They will be missing out on legions of beauty.

When big busines controls Governments, and greed controls those people, there's only one winner.




I like it - feed the injunction to the bear. Although as I understand it Shell don't have an injunction against Greenpeace UK, or come to think of it a host of other environmental organisations that plausibly might be protesting against their plans to rape and pillage their way across the Arctic.

Do they really think they can simply sue their way out of trouble? as a tactic it worked well for Murdoch for many years, but ultimately even the courts saw sense

Silly silly Shell, but thanks that you did not forgett about the Taipei office in your mass mail!

A perfect example of corporate totalitarianism.

It looks like Shell can't justify their Arctic drilling, so it looks like they are having to turn to the combined forces of threatening and suing. Oh dear.

I think it is quite obvious that the letter they have sent you is false. Why on earth would a multinational organisation which has mass profits and works in loads of countries send you a message saying: I know where you live and I’ve seen where you sleep. I swear to everything holy that your mothers will cry when they see what I’ve done to you. What would be their point of saying this? this is obviously just some troll hater that doesn't like Greenpease trying to make a point. This sounds more like a threatening ransom note than a message from a multination billion dollar organisation.

40 years ago, a small bunch of hippies chartered a boat and sailed to prevent nuclear testing off Alaska, capturing the hearts of the public. Greenpeace was born. 

This situation is not too dissimilar.

So Shell has an injunction against Greenpeace, but not against the public, I think it's time to appeal to everyone who can go, to get in a boat and set sail.

Imagine a "floatilla of little ships" occupying the drilling area!

Am I dreaming or could we do this?

laurence Cartwirght  EPIC FAIL

The key point in the letter from Shell is that they correctly say it is legal for them to drill in the Arctic.

However, we all know it's morally wrong to drill for oil in the Arctic, and, now we know about climate change, we know it's morally wrong to supply oil from anywhere. Therefore, this is not about Shell, but about the fact that the law is allowing something that should be illegal. So now is the time to bring international law into line, and make renewable energy the only way to go.

The law that will change the game is to make ecocide, the extensive destruction of ecosystems a crime.

Then Shell and all the other oil companies seek alternative ways of making money. Becasue making money is not the problem.

When there is a law of ecocide, it will be Greenpeace who will be sending nice letters to the oil companies reminding them that they had better start investing in renewable solutions instead. And they will do so with a very powerful and significant law on their side.

HURRAH TO 'INTERESTING' COMMENT ABOVE. At this point, Shell has 'the law' on its side. I look forward to the day when 'the law' represents human life and justice instead of corporate greed.


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Shell = MAFIA

This is a subject which I know quite a bit about.   My brother works in the oil industry and knows the people who Shell have contracted to carry out this drilling.   They are paying top dollar to the best in the world - his argument was that they have done everything they can to operate safely and correctly.

Unfortunately, he didn't really have an answer to the point that once Shell have 'opened the door' then the rest of the oil industry (of whom he agrees 90% are total cowboys) will follow and the inevitable environmental disaster is just a matter of time.... 

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