Face it, Facebook, time to unfriend coal

Posted by sara_a — 15 April 2011 at 11:05am - Comments
by. Credit: Greenpeace
Down at Facebook's London HQ

Very early this morning a handful of us went down to Facebook’s London HQ, to leaflet and talk to Facebook staff about Greenpeace’s global ‘Unfriend Coal’ campaign. We’re asking Facebook to stop using dirty coal to power its servers, and commit to sourcing 100% renewable energy.

We got a good reception from Facebook staff, some of whom took our leaflets and stickers and agreed to give them to their colleagues. We also got a promise of a meeting with Facebook’s UK Vice President, which we look forward to setting up very soon.

This week Greenpeace broke the world record for the most comments on Facebook in 24 hours, asking Facebook to unfriend coal. So far, over 80,000 people have left comments, putting pressure on Facebook to lead the social media industry in taking responsibility for its impact on our climate.

Check out some of the other actions around the Unfriend Coal campaign:

Updates on the campaign website: facebook.com/UnfriendCoal

Now let's hope they act upon the People's will and set things to right

I have always like green peace for there efforts and done all I can to follow your ideas and movements. 

With regards to this movement i could not disagree with you more... Facebook are one of the big companies finally standing up and saying they will do something to be greener (and sharing so that others can follow suit) and now your going after them. Why were you not interested in them before when they were using even worse server farms? Why are all the other companies who are not even trying to be "green" not on your list of people to harass?

Just for your piece of mind I don't like the facebook service.

Hello Ben

A few clarifications as you accuse us of only calling on Facebook to use renewables now.

This campaign started in Feburary 2010 when it was revealed (not by Facebook) that their new data center in Oregon would use coal not renewables available in Oregon that other data center companies such as Google are using in Oregon.


Late last year, Facebook announced another new data center in North Carolina, USA again using power from coal and nuclear, not renewables.

Only in April 2011 did Facebook reveal its open compute project - which is about energy efficiency in data centers, while encouraging it does nothing to address the calls from 700,000 Facebook users for Facebook to choose to use renewable energy more efficiently. The open compute project does not make Facebook 'green' only energy efficiency combined with renewable energy will do that.

As for other companies Yahoo announced plans in 2009 to locate new data centers to use renewable energy, Google is investing in renewable energy project around the world. In the mean time Facebook is growing faster than any internet company and making choices about locating and powering new datacenters right now, that is why Facebook users are encouraging the company to make the right choice now by choosing safe, clean renewable energy not dangerous and dirty coal and nuclear power.

Tom Dowdall
Greenpeace International




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