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Climate camp

Climate camp will be more urban this year, but it'll still be great.

Stuck for something to do? Here's a few ideas: You could go give Gordon a piece of your mind, attend a glamorous awards ceremony, or go camping in the glitziest part of town. Who says it's boring being an activist? (Certainly not me.) If you're spending too much time stuck indoors in need of some excitement, maybe it's time to get out and enjoy some fresh air, courtesy of this lovely trio of exciting upcoming events.

Protest Heathrow!

First up, this Thursday at 5.30pm opposite Downing Street, the Campaign Against Climate Change are hosting a ‘Third Runway - No Way!' rally, with speakers including Sispon MP and mace-wielding champion of democracy John McDonnell. Get down there and tell Gordon what you think. (Although he really ought to know by now, what with the overwhelming public grumpiness about Heathrow we see in the consultations and the polls.) Check it out at

Have a ball with the Coal Forum

The prim and proper ladies (and gentlemen) of the Climate Rush are hosting a formal drinks party and award ceremony. And it happens to be at the same time and in the same place as the Coal Forum - notorious coal industry bigwigs and polluters extraordinaire - are having their annual dinner bash and ‘Environmental awards ceremony'. What a coincidence! The Coal Forum event would cost you just shy of seven hundred quid - the Climate Rush one is free. 6.30pm, the Landmark Hotel, 222 Marylebone Road, London NW1. Dress to impress. More from 

Camp it up in the city

This year, in April, the G20 is being hosted in London - political and economic behemoths getting together to plan the financial carve-up of the world for another year.

And so, turning their attention away from runways and power stations towards a bit of structural readjustment, Climate Camp has this year decided to stop beating about the bush, and take on not one particular polluter, but the whole polluting economic system itself. 

So on 1st April, Climate Camp is heading for London's square mile to set up camp in the city. The focus this year is on the economic system which seems to have failed so obviously recently - although it's been fairly obvious that it's been failing to deliver a sustainable economy for a much longer time. As the campers say - "Nature doesn't do bailouts.'

More from 

So that's three top-notch opportunities to get out there, make some friends, and make a difference. (Sorry it's a bit London-centric - if you fancy it there's the next Climate Camp planning weekend which are apparently a lot of fun happening in Nottingham 7th - 8th March.)

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