Global day of action: We love the Arctic, Saturday April 20

Posted by Nic S — 16 April 2013 at 2:24pm - Comments

As the ice melts, oil companies are threatening the pristine Arctic with industrial disaster. On Saturday, April 20, the world is calling for action to protect the Arctic for all of humanity.  Join the global day of action near you and be part of the urgent call for Arctic protection, because what happens in the Arctic affects us all.

Thousands of us around the world will come together to send a clear message to anyone who wants to profit from Arctic destruction – we love the Arctic. The pictures, films and messages we make will be delivered to Kiruna – a small town in Sweden – where the leaders of the Arctic Council will meet in May to discuss the destiny of the place at the top of the world which affects us all. They need to know that we're watching.

Find out what's happening near you and what you can do to get involved.

Come on Birmingham, pull your finger out.

It's a sobering thought that there will soon be no ice at the Arctic for the first time in the earth's history.  And its all our fault.  If that doesnt make people realise the harm we are causiing I don't know what will.

The cartoon representation of the support for the petition

The idea of a growing person representing the number of people who have signed the petition proportional to the person representing the target number  of people to sign, is a clever idea. But the gender specific, (even class specific 'men') representing the numbers is a complete turnoff for me. After clicking to sign on I suddenly find myself so disengaged from the campaign by the art work that I cannot bring myself to sign. You may say this is irrational, I would say it's also a violent visceral response: do I listen to my body or my mind? I suppose I really want men and women to work together and this cartoon is soo painful. Can you use something less gender specific please?  



This is all a bit 'lost in details', not the Big Picture and lost in 'cute'. It's not JUST the Arctic and not JUST the cute Polar Bear. It's ALL the world and ALL life.Simply put, plant tree-seeds by the billion ESPECIALLY to make deserts etc re-grow;make non-bio use by agri a criminal offense(after all, petro-chemical use for growing childrens' bones IS a Crime Against Life Itself), use human and agri dung to make methane AND give liquid and solid fertilizers, thus turning off a nuke or other filthy power station or several; use proper agri and contour-ploughing  so floods, droughts and landslides become something one reads about in History books; improve these Bus DIServices so more and more people take buses, push-bike or walk, not drive their cars, the car-worshipping deform-our-children gits, which'll also save NHS billions of quid p.a., etc etc.There's more, of course, but later coz I've other things to do'Good Luck wivit andLive Long and Healthy, you lot,Much  love,Martyn

Three million signaiatures is a fantastic accomplishment considering this is all being achieved on a purely voluntary basis - if it was funded by a political mainstream partiy's funding it would be 30 million in no time at all. The entitre infrastructure of world economics is destined to change in this century as it is a sham based on greed. Why do companies need to make huge profits only to plant these profits in banks to top up the millions they already have and never spending it. It's akin to a small proportion of the worlds population taking huge amount of fresh water, whatever the cost, then storing it, with no intentions of using it anytime soon and letting many people live with little or no fresh water. Its just pure greed.

The world economies can not grow expedentially forever on an arithmetic progression - it does not take a genious to observe this is a dead end ultimately. The entire world economy will change whether it wants to or not as populations rise and resources decrease.

Peadar MacMillan.

Goodluck tomorrow guys! Together we can save the Arctic <3

Just wondering if there is a Canadian faction to the movement?

I'm from Baker Lake Nunavut (geographic heart of canada), when I think of my home and other Inuit communities I get a kind of a 'tickle', an uneasy feelling in the  pit of my stomach. not knowing what I can do, getting older and happen to know (gathered info's from Western World's and Inuit experts who know (not just undertand) know the land, weather, seasons, and how it used to run ever so predictable by Inuit, back then and knowing the kind of Government we have right now.  In addition should the glacier ice melt, most communities have dotted the shorelines...what awaits them?


Hippies! No point in this, the only thing that is going to make a difference to your popularity is if you change the public's general opinion of you! You can't keep just saying whats going to happen with out any significance influence and that won't come from protesting rather than reaching out to everyone on a more basic level! Blaming the government will NOT work. Sort it out! I'm not against your policies, I just dislike the way you try to enforce them.

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