Greenpeace, Google Earth and global awareness

Posted by bex — 8 April 2008 at 9:39am - Comments

Google Earth

Google Earth launches a new layer

Images have a way of penetrating the mind and conveying information more immediately and powerfully than reams of words and, as far as images of our planet go, they don't come much more powerful than Google Earth.

The application - which has already done its fair share of enabling people to use technology for the good of the planet - has launched a new Outreach programme, encouraging us at Greenpeace and other organisations to use the application to spread global awareness.

And with 3.5 million users, that's potentially a fair bit of global awareness. The Greenpeace layer launched last week, with 20-odd datapoints showing how forest destruction around the world is contributing climate change. We're going to be adding to that over the next few months, with videos and pictures on all of our campaigns from offices around the world.

There's more on the Making Waves blog, or else you can just jump right in; download Google Earth, find us under the Global Awareness layer and start exploring.

We're actually lucky enough to be providing links and information to Google Earth for the Greenpeace layer, which helps us put into context some of the evidence you can see on the ground in the Amazon. As for Minc, I don't think he's on our side as such and as the deforestation reduction targets above show, there's still a long way to go before we agree on everything. Our whaling campaign has shifted its focus to the corridors of power in Tokyo and, with two of our activists facing up to 10 years imprisonment, there's a lot at stake. So we're still campaigning for an end to commercial whaling but we won't be getting "aggressive" - after all, Greenpeace is dedicated to non-violent means of bringing about change. Best regards, Adam S. from android development

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