Hanging out on the Stena Carron's anchor chain.

Posted by jossc — 21 September 2010 at 4:20pm - Comments

A short but sweet clip of Greenpeace climbers Anais (from Germany) and Victor (from Sweden) in their Portaledge on the anchor chain of the Chevron drilling ship, the Stena Carron, off the Shetland coast.

According to Victor the weather is fine, both he and Anais are "very happy", and they have enough food to stay for two weeks!

Whilst they remain in position, the giant ship cannot move. It was due to leave anchor to drill for oil in the deep waters of the Atlantic off Shetland's west coast.

great work buddy and hope all the best for all of you.

Have you any idea how hypocritical you people are? Plastic ropes. Plastic platforms Plastic clothes Plastic packaging for your food All oil derived! I'm honestly sorry for you, you're as silly as the Argentinians! that rig is going to be there at anchor for longer than your food will last, and besides, there's a beaut of a storm coming to wash you off! Go home and put together a campaign against Mitsubishi monopolising the world's tuna fior something useful! But first, visit your doctor to ensure you have no more lame-brained kids to overpopulate the world!

Plastic comes from oil? Wow, good job we've got you to help us out with these fiddly little details. But despite your keen perception, it seems you've missed our ongoing tuna campaign. I don't get the Argentina reference though. web editor gpuk

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