Jedi, we need your help. There has been a disturbance in the Force.

Posted by jamess — 1 July 2011 at 4:27pm - Comments
Our comms channel has been destroyed. But the Rebellion goes on.
All rights reserved. Credit: Nick Cobbing/Greenpeace
Our communication channel has been hit. But the Rebellion goes on.

Last night – at approximately 1830 – our communications equipment took a direct hit. After providing nearly 2 million transmissions of our latest Rebellion underground message “VW: The Dark Side”, our YouTube films and channel were taken down. And now moments ago, Vimeo took them down.

Our rebel engineers are working shifts round the clock in the coldest depths of cyberspace to try and locate the source of the attack.

While they’ve been doing that, Jedi across the Twitterverse and the Facebooksphere have been re-uploading the film to any star system they can reach, making it impossible to jam our communications. Please continue to do this (download Episode I and Episode II).

There are many communications from around the YouTube Galaxy that include Star Wars characters – indeed dozens of spoofs of exactly the same advert. Which begs the question: who had a hand in attacking our communications channel?

We cannot know for certain – indeed the damage is so significant that all of the Rebellion’s communications have been hit (including our recent campaign against Barbie’s Forest clearings on Endor, for example). But despite this heavy attack, the Rebellion is undeterred and will take whatever means necessary to protect Planet Earth.

We must remain focused on our mission. Whatever dark forces are amassing, the Rebellion’s task is clear: to convince VW to support important laws on CO2 emissions and make cleaner cars.

We must act before it is too late.

Grab your Lightsaber and get down to one of Volkswagen’s Facebook pages. Right there, with a few clicks on your communications unit, you can add a message to their wall. Tell VW to ‘turn away from the Dark Side’ or post your favourite Star Wars quote. Your planet depends on it.

Rise up, Jedi.

VW's Facebook pages (download and use this Darth VWader avatar):

Costa Rica:
Middle East:

whats the problems=((((

bad thing bad things are goin on volkswagon are being difficult yet agian :/

alos please go on my jedi page il go on yours

How I'm loving this and what a brilliant campaign.  Incredibly dumb of them to take down your video - now it'll really take off...

i'm really disappointed about the lucasfilm company. besides the important greenpeace campaignl, the videos were really good! i, as a big star wars fan, loved them!

we have to stay strong, jedi folks! and please lets support each other by visiting each others jedi profiles

Hilarious the way you try to make it sound as if some evil *big oil* conspiracy has hacked your communications... when in fact it was just a copyright infingement. But why let the facts get in the way of your PR? It's not like the facts have ever been important to GP. Just subscribers' cash.  

Apparently, it is Lucas Films that filed a complaint with YouTube and Vimeo.

At least that is the error message when I go to:

We should start posting the campaign pointers with Lucasfilms, too. The shouldn't be backing VW.

Out of control Lucasfilm corpolegal droids aiding vw empire in destruction of Earth's habitability. They must be stopped.

first of all, greenpeace is fantastic organisation, the video is realy funny and the idee is realy great. But I think it is not ok to use illegal music or using symbols with copyright.

Find own idees and covers grievances on but don't use protected symbols or don't use music without paying for this. You can do this for a short time but you can destroy your branding very fast with such actions.


The only thing stopping them is themselves, the future forecasts grey and black; help Volkswagon come back to the light.

I'd be interested in the details of the copyright infringement. Evidently WV must have got permission. But if Lucasfilm really push this I don't think it would do their reputation much good. But I think the issue here is that the GP video was a direct parody of the VW ad.


Nail on the head.

Ah what a load of tosh some of the commentors come up with. How many spoof Star Wars ads are there out there? And unless You Tube starts to close them all down, then you have to wonder what's actually happening here?

In any case if it is Lucasfilm that's filed the complaint, then they also took money from VW to make the orginal, so they're fair game as a target in my book.

That's flippin stupid - all they've done is make it worse for themselves. 

Hey Greenpeace,

Why nobody receive e-mail or info about after hitting 1500 points as you are promised to give t-shirts ? Or are you trying to get more evil than VW by scammimg people worldwide ?

I don't understand the error message i get:

do you ?

Hi TtormSrooper,

Sorry about that, I believe that recent rebel base communications complications may have knocked out some translation services (or prevented us from getting them up). We've got the records of everyone who has hit 1500 and we'll make sure everyone who has made it to the master jedi level gets an email so we can get mailing address and sizes. You will hear from us in the next two weeks about the first jedi robes ordering.


How hard could it have been to replicate those shots and sfx/score, rather than just ripping them right out of the original film?  Big oversight and I'm not surprised Lucasfilm have pulled you up on it.

Plus, what the hell's episode II about?  Do you want a dialogue with VW or just for them to hold their hands up and join the party?  Coz that's not gonna happen.

I think this is a cool campaign but you can't afford to make silly mistakes like this.



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