LIVE: We're stopping Arctic oil drilling!

Posted by jamess — 29 May 2011 at 9:49am - Comments

UPDATE: The Danish Navy has arrested our activists and seized the Pod after nearly 100 hours stopping Arctic drilling

This morning we started taking direct action against the world's most controversial oil rig: Cairn Energy's Arctic driller, the 53,000 tonne Leiv Eiriksson, which was hours away from its drill site in Iceberg Alley off Greenland.

Our climbers rigged up the legendary yellow survival pod and are now camping a few metres from the giant drill bit, preventing the rig from starting to drill.

They've got enough food and water to stay in the pod for ten days so keep watching our live updates. What they could always use more of is support - so please add your comments below or tweet on the hashtag #SaveTheArctic. We'll make sure they see your messages.


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Go People GO!!

From Nuuk, Greenland

Greenpeace has shattered a culture originally hunter culture in Greenland and now it will try to prevent Greenland's chances to get an independent economy and state.
.The countries of Scandinavia and Europe is rich, independent states with oil from the North Sea. Greenpeace means Greenland not to have a chance to become an independent country with a good economy. But what is the different for Greenpeace. Greenpeace have before ruined Greenlands economy . Greenpeace ruines a profession in Greenland and put the Greenlandic economy development stalled for over 30 years. Many families only option for some incomes were ruined in one of the countries where living costs are highest in the world.
Greenland, a real go-indigenous people who Greenpeace managed to ruin a hunting culture. It is about time Greenpeace comes with options for how Greenland will become an independent state with a good economy, instead of always being destructive and against the people of Greenland. Greenland have never seen support for the hunting culture in Greenland after Greenpeace have shattered Greenland. There has never been proposals for how to recover from the economic slowdown after a Greenpeace campaign against the Greenlandic hunting culture. It is the second time Greenpeace will paralyze the Greenlandic people and economy.

Awesome guys! We're with you in spirit. Be safe!

Glad to see Greenpeace has finally caught that bloody rig, and great to see direct action to stop the insanity of a kamikaze Scottish oil company plundering the last wildernesses.

As to the state of play in Greenland, I'm unconvinced that ordinary Greenlanders will benefit from a foreign company striking oil in Iceburg Alley. I'm more convinced that if something goes wrong that Cairn will declare bankruptcy, rather than face having to clear up the mess (if clearing up the mess is actually possible) - they describe themselves as a wildcat company, which doesn't inspire one with their sense of corporate responsibility. Equally they're clearly just in it for the short term, and don't give a monkeys about what happens to Greenland, or Greenlanders.

Further more even if there isn't an accident, strking oil in Arctic waters, will help destroy Greenlands economy, ecology and way of life just as much as everyone elses. If we continue to 'find' more fossil fuels to burn, the planet will continue to hurtle towards the abyss of runaway climate change, which will will radically change the face of the planet, and the nature of human civilisation.

The Arctic regions, will suffer more extreme temperature changes, and Greenlands coasts / ecosystems and way of life will be affected more than the temperate regions. It's not just about Polar Bears, it's about a whole range of effects (like the seasons, or fish stocks) that folk take for granted.

So please, folk of Greenland, look beyond the corporate greed of Cairn, and the big bad oil company's waiting in the shadows, ignore the promises of backhanders and trickle down wealth, and think what this means to your children and the future of both the planet and human civilisation.

Really well done !

Stop this crazyness as long as you can.

at last years BP AGM, before their gulf disaster, someone stood up and pointed out the dangers in what they were doing.

That's exactly what Greenpeace are doing here. Well done to the brave activists and people willing to stand up to the greed of these companies.

Fantastic stuff Greenpeace - hold up the drilling as long as you can.

We should be investing money in alternatives like renewable energy and energy efficiency not looking to drill for oil in this wonderful wilderness.

Thank goodness there are people brave enough to take on these rogue companies on our behalf - Go Greenpeace !!!!  

Yet another Greenpeace action that I support, but wouldn't do myself. Thank you for doing the dangerous deeds on behalf of me and others, but most importantly, our shared world!

Move Beyond Oil, man. Yeah right on.

Let's see how Greenpeace themselves are getting around. They have:

The Esperanza: powered by two 2,938 BHP Sulzer V12 DIESEL engines. The crew have two large and 4 small rigid hull inflatables, so that's 6 hulking PETROL powered engines to zip around on. Electrcity? No problem, let's have one huge APU  DIESEL generator, that will power the AIR-CONDITIONING, refirigerators and freezers (I mean you can't be uncomfortable now can you?). Then there's the Hughes 500D PETROL helicopter - about one of the most inefficient helicopters built - but it does make a good camera platform - and that's what Greenpeace is really about nowadays - publicity shots to gain more subscribers...

Then we have the Arctic Sunrise, with her DIESEL  2495 HP engine plus two auxillery DIESEL 206 HP engines, and DIESEL bow and stern thrusters of 400 hp each, plus the four PETROL powered inflatables. Then there's the MV Argus: Such a modest affair with only 2 x 340 HP DIESEL engines, plus just one PETROL powered RIB. 


Don't get me started on the balloon..

Even their one and only sailing ship has five RIBs with PETROL engines totalling 380 HP, (plus of course the two main DIESEL engines.

Maybe their refusal to use alternate sources of power for their boats is an admission that Oil - so far - is the only currently viable solution? Suggesting that others "Move Beyond Oil" when they themselves haven't is breathtaking hypocricy. 

Brilliant guys keep up the good work. You're all heroes!


@ Nuuk I'm struggling to see how ignoring the immeasurable risk of deep sea drilling in the fragile environment in which you have to co-exist with nature can be of benefit to the people of Greenland. Large companies have large budgets - sadly they spend them on PR rather than risk management and on more and more risky forms of oil and gas extraction rather than on research into sustainable alternatives. Earning the highest possible margin is what the key players are measured on.  No doubt there's potential value in this for shareholders. But will future generations believe we did even the minimum to safeguard their heritage? It's a gamble and one where the stakes are so high that the arrogance behind it is breathtaking. Well done Greenpeace for bringing it to the attention of the world.


Well done Greenpeace! :-)

Although writing this myself, I'm sure that I would be reflecting the feelings of all of us at yes2wind in passing on our best wishes for a safe and successful outcome to this brave action. It was fantastic to have been able to help get the ball rolling by being with 'Paula Bear' at the Cairn office in Edinburgh last week. The quest to squeeze the very last drop of gas and oil from our precious, and yet sometimes fragile, world is - in my opinion - entirely wrong and indefensible (especially when there are so many renewable options that are crying out to be fully exploited).


hi - to the guy who in true top gear style listed all the boats / horsepower etc that Greenpeace use.... ive never heard greenpeace say they dont use oil or petrol - just that we all need to start moving away from this energy source (and i  thought id something about the inflatable boats using used food oil?) YOu know the point they are trying to make, its got to be the big movers and shakers in the energy world  who alter the worlds supply of energy before it becomes easy for others to get clean power. And spending zillions on drilling for oil in the arctic does take money away from investing from renewables.

i never quite get the bitter comments that people who bother to try and alter a wrong situation receive  from some people - it always strikes me as as if people who write this kindof stuff are a little jealous in a wierd way, all that attention. WHy not turn all that researching power (into GP ships) into something useful....


a brilliant action and well-chosen target.

enjoy your cuppa!

Well done and I wish you success.

Dangerous operators eager to supply a market driven off the rails with lethal greed for oil and short-term profits, profits which are placed ahead of everything else, including our collective health and long-term survival - sometimes need be met by dangerous means.

It's a huge risk that your protestors are taking.  All I can offer is my heartfelt thanks and support from the safety (for now) of the shore.

Best wishes.

Hi Backatcha Pat,

"ive never heard greenpeace say they dont use oil or petrol - just that we all need to start moving away from this energy source"
Yeah. To what? If Greenpeace themselves can't even come up with an answer for their own boats, then why do they preach about everyone else's transport? The *really Ironic* thing is that companies like Exxon actually invest more money into renewable energy sources than Greenpeace ever do! Yet GP say they are the devil, and want us all to change to this mythical source of energy - that doesn't exist - while protesting about the one source of energy we do have. (Yeah, yeah, and don't anybody come back and say there are 'alternatives' because if there *were* Greenpeace would be using them - right? They're not.)

"its got to be the big movers and shakers in the energy world who alter the worlds supply of energy before it becomes easy for others to get clean power."
Oh I see now. This mythical free energy source *exists* but the big players have locked it in a vault somewhere and are keeping it from us. Cunning.

If Greenpeace don't set the example by moving to renewables *what right*, what *moral authority* have they to preach to the rest of us?

Excellent work Greenpeace! Many thanks to the brave activists taking action against these wildcats who want to keep us addicted to oil. We won't need this arctic oil if our governments change our fuel infrastructures so that we can all use clean energy to get around. There IS an alternative! Let's just hope our leaders start listening to you soon. 

Oops! I just accidentally clicked 'I Agree' on Daithesci's comment above. I certainly don't agree! From what I know, Greenpeace are doing everything they can to move to the cleanest sources of power available. They're currently raising money for a new ship, which will use the most efficient sources of energy available, mostly wind power. More info on their website here:

They have to work with the technology that's currently available. For all the good work I think they do, Greenpeace aren't manufacturers, engineers, or policy makers. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be demanding something better.

Nuuk , Greenland

Before Greenpeace removed many families'economic basic there was no major social event in the scala we have seen after Greenpeace removed many families' only option for an income in a country where living costs are highest in the world. Greenland was later known as a country with many serious social problems and a weak economy.
Dear Greenpeace.
Is not it enough that Greenland has had to go through an economic downturn created by Greenpeace. Should the people of Greenland are not allowed to come to economic recovery?
What is Greenpeace's suggestion for how Greenland come get over its economic slowdown created by Greenpeace?


Ignore petroleum trolls like Daithesci, because the truth of course, shows how silly their claims are.

Governments around the world acting in accordance with the millions spent lobbying them - have worked day and night to block alternate energy.  They also have done f-all to scale back their communities' appetites for cheap fuel and the lifestyle it supports.  A lifestyle which even if oil was plentiful and would never run out, poisons, blights, and ensures inequality, war, and injustice across the globe.

Yes, by all means, let's have Greenpeace *row* after the Leiv Eiriksson or use sails.  Why not require that they dress in period costume while you're at it, and have them swing onto its rigging with eye-patches and cutlasses in their mouths - once they catch up - say three to six months from now, winds and weather willing.  By then of course, there will be a big bloody hole in the sea bed attached to which will be a disaster waiting to happen, with no plans for that contingency and which will never, not for any amount of oil-money you care to throw at it, be cleaned up without long lasting damage to the ecology.  But it will put billions into those same pockets which are desperate to risk the entire planet and our children and grandchildren's future, so they can make record profits and put petrol in your tank, *and* in the process, allow a rig like Leiv Eiriksson to trundle its way all the way to the Arctic.  Another fat tick, sucking up poison, happy days.  So yes, I do think they have the *moral authority* to stop it by any means necessary - including using current technology - like petrol outboard motors.  And, to tell trolls like yourself to go find a hole in the ice-sheet or a rapidly retreating glacier, and jump in.

While we’re talking about you, and not the brave souls hanging off the rig or risking being fired on by danish warships - what *is* a troll like yourself doing btw, when you’re not commenting here?  I certainly hope, that it’s building a wind farm or designing the next generation of solar panels.  Otherwise, your moral authority to be such a knob has just gone right out the window.

Alright, now to the folks in the pod - carry on.


Hi Neil,

I'm glad we agree they should demand something better. I also thank your for the hilarious link to GP's proposed new ship. It was a real rib-tickler.

So it will have a helicopter pad *and* 50 metre masts (has nobody thought this through..!). It will be sail powered, can carry heavy loads *and* be able to go 15 knots. It's pictured next to an iceberg *but* is unsuitable for polar regions.

So that leads us back to reality: It has diesel motors "when needed" - But I think we can both see through the charade: having steel bulkheads, extensive comms, 8 ton loads, and a freezer big enough for *14000* litres of ice cream - the motor will be needed more often than not...! It will be more of the same Greenpeace; lecturing the man in the street who has scraped together enough money for a Ford Fiesta while they themselves burn through tons of CO2 for their publicity shots.

Dear Edwards,

You are not getting it. Sure we agree that wind power is hopeless, both for ships and for domestic power. It has a strange habit of not blowing when you want it to. The ships could run on batteries - but as we know they run out of charge after 100 miles and then take 8 hours to charge up again. So the only option is *OIL*. The very thing that *enables* GP to protest - is the thing they are protesting against!

All I'm saying is for GP not to be the laughing stock they currently are, they have to come up with solutions - not just screech at the problems like a surly teenager. Then they must do those solutions *themselves*. Walk the walk. Not just talk the talk.

E. M. Edwards - I couldn't agree more! :) Isn't it a shame that soemone can waste their time commenting on a website where they have nothing constructive to say. If someone is not into Greenpeace, what are they doing commenting on here anyway? Paid by one of the reckless oil companies currently gambling with the Arctic ecosystem perhaps.

All credit right now goes to those brave people who've had enough of what's going on up there, and are actually getting off their butts and doing something about it. Hanging off an oil rig in Arctic conditions can't be an easy thing to do, especially with a great big warship pointing its guns at you! 

I shouldn't feed the trolls, but -

So Daithesci, what *are* you doing, other than filling your Ford Fiesta with petrol?  Wind turbines, solar, used-chip oil?

Greenpeace are, since you seem to be confused:

So, not a firm of engineers or solar panel manufacturers - nor importantly, a self-sustaining commune living in the 'wilds' of Devon.  Everything you've said is nonsense, because they're walking not just the talk, but talking the walk that they're taking, to a global audience - step by step, with just this sort of media-grabbing campaign.  It's brave, and its important.  And it's just one of the ways they're working to make the future better (hopefully) for us all.

So (cough), what was it again, that mythical source of your own moral authority in this matter?  Or in other words, what have *you* done for the environment lately?

Silence, so far, I notice, on that count.

Dear Neil,
Oh come on! This game that the "Heroes" are playing by hanging from a rig is just a pointless publicity stunt. You must see that. They have food for 10 days. Then the drilling carries on as normal. Things achieved = Zero.

Publicity is seemingly the only thing that matters to GP. They have no answers in the real world. They know that. Their purpose then becomes self-preservation. Make cheap publicity stunts and feign *outrage*. then "please subscribe", "please donate".

Greenpeace is more of a shameless capitalist that Exxon or any of the Big Oil Bogeymen - they actually send people into harms way just so they can collect a pay cheque every month.

The drilling will continue - and GP know it.

"nothing constructive to say"
The truth not constructive enough for you? Huh.

Dear Edwards,

This was a beauty. I'd like, if I may to reproduce it again so that we can all admire it once more:

"they're walking not just the talk, but talking the walk that they're taking, to a global audience - step by step, with just this sort of media-grabbing campaign. It's brave, and its important."

Whilst all the verbs, nouns, and adjectives are all splendidly correct, none of the meaning is. They are not walking any walk. Their boats are DIESEL powered. Their RIBs PETROL powered. In no conceivable stretch are they "moving beyond oil". They are stuck in the same pit as the rest of us - But they try to pretend that they are somehow special, above us, an authority - when they are churning out more CO2 than most of the world's population. It's just hypocrisy. The rest of the world looks on and says: "yeah rich kid, doesn't have to work for a living. What a hypocrite."

My honest opinion: I think GP used to be great when they cared about animals. Now they seem to just hate people. They are a business very much first, and some of the well-meaning idiots who volunteer may be sincere about the environment. But reality has to come in there somewhere. GP aren't going to tell them: it's not in the business plan.

Trolls don't:

1. Follow links

2. Answer direction questions

3. Face facts

4. Show they're anything but shills for big oil

Trolls do:

1. Highjack serious conversations with trivial complaints

2. Ignore evidence not in their favour

3. Reply without saying anything different

4. Pretend to common sense and common values, despite having neither

Keep up the good work Greenpeace.  And how nice of the oil rig workers to give the protesters some hot tea.  If communications can be opened between the people staffing the rigs who are risking their lives for the profits and easy living enjoyed by those at home, there may be hope yet.

Good job and well done.

Yet again, another brilliant action Greenpeace! Nice to hear that the rig workers are being friendly. Maybe they understand the problem and wish they were somewhere else too. Hopefully your interruption means they'll miss their winter deadline and have to head home empty handed.

well done and thank you for caring for all our futures.

@ Daithesci

Not sure whether to laugh or cry by your comments, they are some of the most ridiclous I have heard. You clearly seem to not knowing what you're talking about. If you have done just a little bit of research in renewable technology you would know what you said is simply not true. If they were giving the right priorities which is what Greenpeace also is campaigning for they would be extremely powerfull. Science shows us that can live without Oil if we were to 100 % invest in it and go beyond oil. Your comment that wind energy doesn't work is another lie from you, if you looked at countries that have invested heavily in it and depend on it and have depended on it for a long time. You're also saying about the 10 days wouldn't be enough for them to stop drilling, I'm sorry but you will find that it is. Cairn are on a very tight schedule and if they loose some days they might have to abandon the whole operation and this is why this operation is so crucial. And lastly as Neil correctly pointed out Greenpeace are doing their things as green as possible but can obviously only only use the technologies that are available to them and if you were to read about Greenpeace you would find that they are much more than their ships that you for some reason are obsessed to keep talking about.

Anders, you're absolutely right. Renewables, including wind, are proven technologies. The capacity is there, despite what the oil lobbyists say. We're ready to give up on oil, and all the nasty side effects that go with it.

I admire all those people taking part in this direct action.

When will global energy companies see the light and start investing in renewable engery sources and act responsibly instead of just considering short term profit.

So long as there are organisations damaging the environment we will groups such as Greenpeace to take direct action to prevent them from doing such.

Keep up the good work.

Anders and Ed,

Wind is proven technology. It was proven from 3000BC. Since then we have made progress. I hope we don't have to go back there - which is what Greenpeace seem to be advocating - for others obviously - they are happy with DIESEL and PETROL engines for themselves.

The problem that I, and others, have with Greenpeace is that it's all talk and press-releases. They talk about renewable energy, about hydrogen fuel cells, about wind power, and then they use OIL for themselves. They are two faced. Have a listen to Patrick Moore ( one of the founders of Greenpeace, who has now left). This organisation has become a business. It is shallow, with no *realistic* answers to offer.

Sure stop oil drilling - worldwide. Ban oil. Ban coal. Then what? We all go back to the dark ages. Waiting for the wind to blow before we can read a book. The only real answer - nuclear power - Greenpeace is too stupid to adopt. Do the maths. Even if you cover the whole country in windmills it's not enough if the wind doesn't blow.

They can have no moral high ground complaining about OIL if they don't come up with a solution. They have to stop pretending they are a solution when they are part of the problem.

One of the reasons I support Greenpeace is that for every campaign, they do the research, point to the solution, and take action to make it happen.

Keep up the great work.

From Nuuk, Greenland.

Greenland's biggest enemy: Greenpeace.
A country thats is not an independent country, a native country with a population that is one with nature, have a weak economy  thanks to Greenpeace, has not an army or military and can not respond, have a policy where over 75% of their energy comes from green energy (hydropower), a friendly Inuit population.
One of the weakest countries in the world as Greenpeace in 70 and 80, has removed an entire industry and put many families in poverty, attack it again.
A country which has one of the highest living costs because it is so remote. Greenpeace has never been to Greenland to start initiatives and launched help to recover a economy they have minimize.
Now Greenpeace come to Greenland again to paralyze it´s  economy.
 A country which for over 30 years have fought and still fighting against an economic downturn created by Greenpeace.

Greenpeace. You have froth in your mouth and struggling.
You are fighting against one of the weakest countries and economies in the world.
You should see all the children from all families Greenpeace have removed their only chance ofor some income.
Now Greenpeace will not have theese families to have a chance to become a healthy economy that can afford to make it good again to theese families after Greenpeacehave destroyet Greenland's economy.

Greenpeace, what shall Greenland do to overcome a week economy created by Greenpeace?

Not wanting to turn this into a renewable debate, just want to add. Anyone loooking into it all the measures are there to moving into fussil fuels and 100% powered renewable world.

But this page should be reserved for praising those brave efforts of the activists who are right now sitting in the pod on the Leiv Errikson rig. 

Nuuk, Greenland.
When you look out of the Greenpeace ship porthole you see:
A country with a large ice fighting.
Struggling to become an inalienable state without supstitution from Denmark.
A country with one of the world's weakest economies, created by Greenpeace.
E country with a very large stock of unsold sealskin then export to usa and europe is prohibited.

I see young and very idealistic young people who are fighting for a cause.
The first generation of Greenpeace in 70-ties managed to shut down an entire industry in Greenland and thus sent several generations of families into poverty and destitution.
Now comes a new generation of Greenpeace warriors with lots of spirit.
They will prevent Greenland's chance of getting a good and a healthy economy as Scandinavia.
It is not enough that the first generation of Greenpeace activists in 70, crushed one profession in Greenland.
Now the young generation Greenlandic may not have an economic opportunity to rid themselves of an economic deprivation over 30 years, created by Greenpeace.

Greenpeace have done the same with Greenlands economy, like if it has move all the reindeeers from the Sami people in Norway and Sweden. Prohibiting the sale of reindeer meat and skin to the rest of the world. Removed Sami peoples changes to have a healthy economy.
But, why don´t you do it, Greenpeace. Go to thr Sami too.
You are so good to defeat and remove origianal indigenous peoples dreams and lives.

Nice one Greenpeace, keep the risky drillers out of the arctic. Important that there is someone there to bear witness to this crazy rush for deep oil in such waters by wildcats like Cairn and others. Keep up the pressure..


On a day when the guardian runs with the story that we pretty much can't stop a 2 degree rise in temperatures - the level at which we will begin to see dangerous climate change - it is at least nice to know that there are people out there who do care about the future of the planet.

People who are being petty really need to wake up and smell the oil.


@Knud Seblon I'm unconvinced that the economic woes of Greenland, the lack of a Greenland military, the poverty of the people are really the fault of Greenpeace, and/or that Greenpeace is really the evil enemy that you suggest.

I am convinced that deep sea drilling in arctic waters, has every chance to utterly destroy the Greenland economy in the event of a spill, as fishing represents what 93% of the export economy. I'm also convinced that if Cairn do find oil, and BP/Shell and the like follow in on Cairn's coattails, that most of the revenue will end up in the hands of the corporations not in the pockets of ordinary Greenlanders. An offshore oil boom, using foreign workers, will do little to address Greenlands unemployment rates (9.3% ish)

I'm also convinced that feeding the worlds addiction to fossil fuels, will lead to increased risks of catastrophic climate change, the flooding of Greenlands coastal areas, the disruption of fish stocks, huge damage to the infrastructure of the county, and for what, a short term profit for a multinational country.

I reckon that some of your angst about Greenpeace, comes from the campaign against Canadian sealing in the 70's. From what I remember the politicians of the EU failed to differenate between the industrial sealing of Canada, and more subsistence practices. I don't recall Greenpeace ever campaigning against sealing in Greenland, even if the idea has become part of a local popular myth?

Greenlands economic woes could well originate with the decision to leave the EU in 1983, and to rely on the Danish link for economic susidies and military protection. Clealry there is another future possible for Greenland, that doesn't involved selling the country out to the multinationals,  like a whole range of middle eastern dictatorships.

Rejoin the EU, look for economic assistance from the wider community (not just the Danes), invest in longer term local industries (like textiles), make capital from your renewable resources, maintain the fishing industry at sustainable levels, take pride in your ice and create a future for your children that doesn't rely on plundering the last frontier, and destroying the local ecosystems. Make the shift to a world beyond oil.

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill was a disaster for the local economies of the southern states. Livelihoods were destroyed by the reckless actions of oil companies. The gushing oil took weeks to stop, the clean up took a lot longer. Wildlife suffered immeasurably, local people saw their only sources of income choked by dirty oil. Cairn in the Arctic want to drill at a similar depth to the BP's Gulf of Mexico well. The UK government think that a spill in the Arctic would be almost impossible to clear up, because of the remote location and the freezing temperatures. We can't let an oil disaster ruin the Arctic. A spill there would be bad for Greenland's delicate ecosystems and for the local economies.

Thanks again to the Greenpeace activists defending the Arctic's wildlife and people against an oil disaster.

Dear Anders,

"Not wanting to turn this into a renewable debate, just want to add. Anyone loooking into it all the measures are there to moving into fussil fuels and 100% powered renewable world."

Then why do Greenpeace use DIESEL and PETROL for their transport? If these renewable things are available *now* - why aren't GP using them? Nobody has answered this simple point.

Good luck on stopping the drilling this year, last year's campaign your action to stop the Stena Don was a farce. Once your team were onboard it was realised that the drilling program could continue safely. You spent thousands and only managed to slow the drilling for around 2 hrs....Congratulations.

Whilst I agree that the pursuit of oil shouldn't not be in the Arctic I dont agree with your direct action on trying to disrupt the drilling as it will end in failure as it did last year costing thousands of pounds and risking your own crew as well as the crew of the rig

Knud: The Greenlandic economy would not gain anything from the drilling, but the risk of losing everything is massive. The drilling is being done by a UK company so you would not create any Greenalndic jobs. Do you honestly believe you the people of Greenland will see any of those money, I can tell you most cerainly that you will not. Besides that the risk tour big really income fishing are to big to take. I believe that Denmark and the rest of the world should revard you for not drilling so it would be economically good for you. You Greenland hold a massive role to play in the future climate and the whole world depends on you.

Daithesci; The Esperanza:

As you can read deploy some of the most environmentally practises in the world of shipping.

I was wondering if Greepeace have any idea the lengths that the oil companys go to to protect the environment. I am a driller on an oilrig in the North sea and can guarantee that the evironment is of paramount concern equal to the safety and well-being of the crews on-board - period. There are people on-board whose sole purpose is to guard against spills. A tea-spoon of oil lost overboard is a disaster. There will be zero discharge to the sea, re-cycling on a commercial scale, audits, green team meetings and daily checks - the safeguards go on and on. The logistics involved in drilling a well are incredible and i'm sure that Cairn energy and the drilling company will have assessed all potential areas, all the safeguards will be in place and that the best people will be behind the project. I appreciate what Greenpeace are trying to do but there are better ways of doing things. There is always two sides to a story and I am only trying to get my point across that these pioneers are doing a great thing and wish them all the best and to come home safe.

Pete M

Dear Anders,

"As you can read deploy some of the most environmentally practises in the world of shipping."

Thanks for the reply, but your link clearly shows I'm right: The engines are DIESEL. Not only that but they waste more energy (and therefore CO2) by having air-conditioning and freezers - again powered ultimately by DIESEL.

No sails. No solar power. No windturbine. Just OIL.

On the youtube video of the Esperanza the Dutch engineer boasts that the new engines "save" 2000 litres per day! What then are they burning? On a rough calculation (based on the fact that a container ship "Emma Maersk" burns 1,660 US gallons per hour and has 109,000 hp engine), then the Esperanza with 5876 hp engine will burn a minimum of 89 gallons/hour, or 2147 US gallons/day, or 8127 litres/day, as a container ship is about as efficient as it gets. The figure for the Esperanza could be much, much more.

Burning a minimum of 8,127 LITRES OF OIL per day is not "Moving Beyond Oil"! What stunning hypocrisy!

Anders79 -

Yoy have to show me the officcial agreement wiht the oli- industri and the Greenlandic goverment to convince me. about the division of money between them. can you show me the numbers here?

It will be good to see real facts for once.


Anders79 -

Yoy have to show me the officcial agreement wiht the oli- industri and the Greenlandic goverment to convince me. about the division of money between them. can you show me the numbers here?

It will be good to see real facts for once.


Have we forgotten what happaned in the Gulf of Mexico last year? The great oil spill that travelled across and to the bottom of the ocean/rivers, intoxicating our environment and our source of life? Looking at the fish on my plate I do ask myself what goodness I`ll be eating and/or my existence has been endangered. By deepwater drilling?? No thank you, in any part of the world!!

Wherever Greenpeace gets its money from is irrelevant. What matters is that exists and it defends Our natural world...its giving us and our planet a voice!! It was about time someone did!! God bless you Greenpeace and Greenpeacers!! Keep on growing!!

And yes, it uses media to raise awareness about environmental abuse/problems. How would you/world know about it otherwise??

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