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Are we nearly there yet? When it comes to cleaning up car emissions, VW’s answer always seems to be no.

It’s not such a difficult journey to go green. Some companies support EU legislation to cut car fuel emissions. Some are working hard to make their cars as fuel efficient as they know they can be.

But on the eve of the Paris Motor Show, VW - the world’s biggest car manufacturer- just doesn’t seem to be bothered.

In the third part of the Golf 7 Jedi Edition series the truth is revealed about VW's new car and how it could be a green Golf.

We know that VW have the technology. They could stop blocking and start backing green EU car fuel efficiency legislation. But they’re not budging.

Now hundreds of us are telling them that enough is enough.

Now is your chance to add your photo and message to VW to tell them to go green. Join our photo petition now and share it with your friends!

In case you missed them, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the series.

Volks' Wagen the Peoples Car set out as totaly basic no frills car...But now the people can see, by rejecting the most efficient technology VW are against the future of the people.  The VW Toureq a 4x4 is big polluter, & named after the north african people now in theur 2nd year of cilmate changed enhanced drought.

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