Massive projection to show VW's Dark Side - take action now!

Posted by jamess — 8 September 2011 at 9:51am - Comments

Our campaign to turn VW away from its dark lobbying practices has entered a new phase.

Today we need you to put pressure where Volkswagen’s massive advertising budgets can’t dominate: on social media.

 Here’s what you can do right now:

1. Add a comment to the posts on VW’s main Facebook page

Go to the Volkswagen International page, click ‘like’ and add your comment to one of their posts. That way, all of their followers can see they’re being lied to by VW too.

Write any comment you like, or if you’re stuck for ideas, paste this: “Stop lobbying against our planet Volkswagen! - Greenpeace

You can ‘unlike’ the page at any time and your comments will stay on their page. Alternatively you can keep following them and make sure you comment on all their future posts too!

2.  Do the same on VW’s other Facebook pages

Volkswagen pumps lots of its advertising cash into social media and Facebook, which is why they have dozens of pages out there.

You can really help this campaign by making sure all the fans of those pages get to know the real VW behind the expensive billboards. Repeat step 1 on these pages:

Costa Rica:
Middle East:

3. Get visual. Create a mosaic message to VW

Sometimes text just doesn’t say it strongly enough. We’ve created a nifty little tool so that you can create a mosaic of your message/picture to VW and upload it in nine parts, so that anyone visiting their page (including the company bosses) will get the message.

Here's a screenshot of one we just did (with our VW ice melting image):

4. Let us know how you get on

Tell us how you get on either on our Facebook page or on Twitter, or in the comments below.

Volkswagen have said publically that they “only delete comments if they breach legal rights, are offensive or spam”. Well, let's see, so let us know if your comments to VW are getting deleted.

If you’re not on Facebook, you can help too. Get in touch with them through their website and tell them what you think. 

UPDATE: You clearly ruffled their feathers! Check out this post from Volkswagen UK moments ago - they're changing their Facebook page because of you - nice work!

Have bought VWs exclusively since 1964. We are now on our sixth. Unless VW sorts itself on this issue, our current VW will be our last.

VW will just delete comments off their wall, no doubt about it. Besides, lobbying a brand FB page has a bit of impact media-wise, but won't actually reach many people - hardly anyone who Likes a brand FB page ever returns to it.

More effective would be to ask people to post this message on their own FB walls. That's how you'll reach a big audience of their friends, and can also set off social sharing of links/content, which could make this go a bit viral. Thereby reaching a far bigger audience, with much greater impact of friends' recommendations / peer advocacy, and nothing VW can do to stop it...

I  the original campaign on this issue Greenpeace kept referring to the fact that 'only' 6% of VWs sold were their most efficient and making out that this was entirely their fault. excatly? I drive a (second hand) VW. It's a diesel. It emits less than 150g/km of CO2. It is 8 yerars old, I maintain it well and have reduced my usage as much as I can. On a recent holiday where my other half was driving it behind the camper van it was doing 65mpg. That's pretty good i Reckon, especially since it makes 150bhp from it's 1.9 litre engine. How you drive is far more improtant than what in most cases (unless you own a ludicrously big, powerful car). If I bought a new onetomorrow, would I buy the greenest one? NO. Why? Because it is tediously slow, dangerously slow. You cannot overtake, you have no power available to get out of trouble should it arise. I am not talking about driving at silly speeds here, I am talking about every day driving. If they make a car that has 150 bhp and less than 100g/km emissions then great but otherwise I, as a consumer, am not going to buy the tedious, slow 'green' car. And I'm not alone, that's why only 6% of the cars sold were the greenest. Don't blame VW for the choices made by the market.


And lets not even go into the damage done by making lithium-based batteries...


Campaign against their lobbying, sure (and I agree that it seems rather foolish for them to do so), but forget trying to drag in all this spurious crap about what they sold in the last year because it entirely discredits your campaign by lending it a veneer of ignorance and desperation.

I totally agree CeilingCat!! It's all about how you use it,  and of course ... I'd never drive a slow electric vehicle!


I totally agree CeilingCat!! It's all about how you use it,  and of course ... I'd never drive a slow electric vehicle!


@michael thanks for your comment, we hope VW change soon!

@ceilingcat - we ask people to share on their Facebook pages often, but the idea behind commenting on VW's facebook posts is that those posts show on the walls of their hundreds of thousands of fans. But of course, please do share on your FB too!

@derpy Our campaign messaging hasn't changed. VW's lobbying is the core of this campaign, the 6% figure is to highlight the disconnect between their adverts (almost exclusively Bluemotion) and their actual sales (where they inflate the costs of Bluemotion models above the price of the technology). The full report is here:

Great work trying to make VW see sense (it's a massive task!!)...kudos to Greenpeace :-)

VW might have changed the configuration of their Facebook page because its impossible to put up a mosaic on their pages.



The mosaic thing didn't work for me, i guess... Maybe I did it wrong, but could you put on a more detailed explanation, please?

If Volkswagen have had to change their facebook page, then that must be a good sign - and surely they're feeling the pressure.

If you do a search on facebook for VW, you'll find dozens of other relevant sites so if the main site is no longer accessible, lets go play on all of the rest.

I wuite fancy having a go at some of their fan sites.....

I don't have the know-how about electric cars and lithium batteries etc. etc. but what I do know is that, mobile phones used to be the size of a shoebox. Nobody has yet fully explored the implications of electric cars and how efficient they can be. Just as it seemed impossible for anybody to make a phone any smaller, so it seems, these days, impossible to make a better car without certain components. 

I truly believe that a little time and research spent on this could produce some very interesting results. THIS is what car companies ought to be spending their monster profits on, not stupid adverts trying to persuade people to buy over-priced, under-developed products that, just as CeilingCat says, aren't actually very good and not necessarily better for the environment.

The fact is, VW (just like almost any other car company) doesn't really care what it's selling or how good it is, as long as people buy it. And it's much easier for them to spend a few bucks on a quick advert than it is to power the effort into making really good cars. Plus, they know that they can sell these not-so-good models now, leave it a couple of years, and sell the 'updated' models to the same market, forcing them to spend even more money.

The technology is out there, waiting - it's just a case of who's ready to utilize it. For all we know, we might not even need lithium batteries. Or we might be able to make engines ten times more efficient so that they need ten times less power. The possibilities simply haven't been studied enough yet.

So, I wholeheartedly support the campaign, because what kind of a waste of resources is it, advertising a prototype at about 5 times the price of what it should be? When that prototype ought to be growing and developing? It's like trying to birth a baby before it's got beyond a foetus.

I just tried to do mosaic - they just put up each slice as a seperate post.

To some of you speed freaks: Sometimes slowing down gets you out of trouble!

The real issue here seems to be the hypocritical attitude of VW -  pretending to have green credentials, whilst lobbying against EU policy on key environmental laws.......

VW's Bluemotion technology is unfortunately not as good as they pretend:

I have a Passat Variant model 2010 Bluemotion. According to the VW-specs consuming 4,5 l diesel/ 100 km. For real, I can' t get him under 6 l, even not on long highway trips.

I dont disagree with this post

All around incredibly written post

Admirable piece of writing.

I couldnt agree with you more!!

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