Record wind power generation in Spain

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Technicians put up wind turbines in Spain
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On a windy night in September, whilst most people were sleeping, wind power reached a record of 64.2% of Spain’s electricity demand.

The vast majority of Spain's power that night came not from fossil fuels but clean, renewable energy generated by wind turbines on the Spanish hills.

And what couldn't be used in Spain wasn't wasted.

Some was exported via giant cables linking Spain to the rest of Europe and some was used to pump water uphill so it could be allowed to flow back down later, when demand was higher.

Pumped storage and interconnectors are just two of the way Spain has found to make sure wind works. 

And it wasn't just one night.

During September Spanish tubines generated so much wind power that coal use in Spain crashed, reducing emissions from fossil fuels.

But Spain isn't even the windiest country in Europe.

The UK could generate far more power from on and offshore wind than Spain does.

Last month we got our own record. On the 14 September wind accounted for 10% of electricity use.

We could do so much more.

If Spain can make a serious transition to renewables, which now generate almost a third of their electricity - then why can’t the UK?

If only the UK was as open-minded about wind power. As it stands, several local authorites are intending to incorporate highly restrictive planning contraints on wind turbines into their Core Strategies. Take for example Wiltshire:


In a densely populated county, these proposed separation distances will make any kind of wind power in the county impossible.


That's insane! Is that all the time now or just periodically? I work offshore on various projects and have spoke to engineers who are interested in managing risk, project management and environmental aspects to sustainable development, I will reblog this!

Wind energy development is been ignored in this country, we have developed and are installing state of the Arventis VAWT's, we have received no financial help, and in fact objection and obstacles as a result of government policy.


we are carrying on regardless and will prove in December that there is a future in a distributed generation network.


to prove the point I will probably bankrupt my company through lack of support, but it will be proved and hopefully somebody will then take notice. Working on developing this technoligy is nothing more than frustrating, with tens of millions of Pounds of grants and financial help being held in quangos who refuse to release it.





Great!! You just have to redesign wind and everything will be "Greenstupedous" I think what we need is a great big dose of reality over Idealology! Industrial wind turbines are anything but green and produce a pathetic amount of energy from wind They are bat munchers bird crushers and have negative impacts on health, rural life, and tourism.This romance with wind is blocking our minds to other methods and you have your heads in the sand.You can do better than that! Lets have a bit of green truth before the very word green that seems to come with royal status thesedays, is just that step to far




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