Thousands join global day of support for Arctic 30

Posted by jamie — 5 October 2013 at 4:00pm - Comments
Miss you, Daddy: message to one of the Arctic 30
All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace
Family and friends of the Arctic 30 joined demonstrations around the world demanding their release

From Bali to Helsinki, Sydney to London and all points in between, supporters of the Arctic 30 have turned out in force today, demonstrating outside Russian embassies around the world to demand their release.

Around 1,000 people in London turned out in London including family and friends of some of the people being held, and well-known names including Jude Law, Damon Albarn, Imelda Staunton, Paul Simonon, Vivienne Westwood and Jim Carter. And there have been demonstrations in 24 other locations around the UK.

Some of my favourite pictures from around the world are below, and please write to the Russian ambassador in London. We need to get these people home.

Jude Law and Paul Simonon (c) John Cobb / Greenpeace

The family of Kieron Bryan, one of the Arctic 30 (c) John Cobb / Greenpeace

Damon Albarn and fellow supporter of the Arctic 30 (c) Kathy Cumming / Greenpeace

On the streets of Moscow (c) Greenpeace

Supporters on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia (c) Greenpeace

Free the Arctic 30 message from Bali (c) Greenpeace

Huge declaration of support in Naples (c) Greenpeace

Demonstrators in Hong Kong (c) Greenpeace

Creative protesting in Poland (c) Greenpeace

Peace signs from Seoul (c) Greenpeace

On board our ship, the Esperanza (c) Greenpeace

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