Video: Paula bears down on reckless oil drillers Cairn Energy

Posted by jamie — 27 May 2011 at 5:26pm - Comments

We took Paula Bear down to Cairn Energy's HQ yesterday to block their entrance and demand their oil spill response plan.

We learned this week from confidential government documents that an oil spill in the Arctic would be all but impossible to clear up. Yet Cairn say they've got a spill response plan for the Arctic environment. Only thing is, they won't let anyone see it.

Tell Cairn Energy to publish their Arctic spill response plan.

Arctic drilling has got to stop.

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Wow, this is actually the first time I've seen Paula in action and she's amazing!  Thanks to everyone who chipped in for her.  So beautiful :), and a little bit scary.

The idea of creating the bear is just AMAZING, very shocking and powerfull,  I hope this can bring the attention of all people who see the bear and specially make Cairn Energy take responsible environmental actions. Great work made by Greenpeace!!

That bear looks AMAZING. Great work.

These awareness actions and the focus on incredibly important issues (plus of course the RESULTS they get) are why I volunteer w/ Greenpeace. I LOVE your hard work. I love your passion. I love your commitment. Thank you.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, we need YOU to come down to City Hall on June 4th and 8:30 am!!! We have an incredible chance to speak up to the DWP and City Council members to let them know we DEMAND clean energy NOW. Please come out! PLEASE BRING YOUR LA FRIENDS.

Paula rocks! Love her and her efforts with Greenpeace!

The bear is wonderful! I love her!  How can anyone not care? Well done  everybody. Keep up the good work. The more who see Paula the better!

Paula is AMAZING, :).


I just watched the video and it was - wow! I was deeply moved. I expected Paula any minute to burst out in a powerful bear roar. Who had the idea to build Paula Bear? Whoever it was - hats off! The same goes to all of Greenpeace. Keep up the good work.

Very nice action! Bravo!

Arctic crimes have got to stop !!! Let us live clean !!!!

Our poor old Earth seems to get no respite from predators. But the truth is : are we ready to live with no heat to cook and no heat to keep warm ?  All our scientists should bend to resolve the problem of energy.  Are they ?

what a beautiful animal, arctic drilling must stop

Paula is sooo beautiful and majestic! And lovable too! Good work Paula and great work Greenpeace!

Well done again Greenpeace and hopefully this will make them think again about inventing something else other than keep drilling and polluting.

Amazing work guys ... keep it going ... HARD!!!

Time for the non-sence to be over ... once and for all!

Thanks - merci!


We ALL have to jeopardize with our PLANET and not let other to solve what we ALL have done..!

Wake UP PEOPLE...!!!!

Well done ;-)

It is good that there are people like Paula who have the courage to stand up. And it is eqully important that there are people who support these activists.

By the way, the "Präludium" fits well. :) 

( I mean: more creatures like Paula.) ^^

  Good action to save this very important part of our world!

Arctic drilling must stop

Arctic drilling must stop

Is she real ?...really amazed ..Thank you Greenpeace :)))

Great video, but until this and other Governments start really thinking of how to manage our Planet for future generations, I envisage this abuse of our World will continue. As long as no specific person or country or company can be held responsable for man made disasters nothing will change.The person in charge of such operations will just hide within their companies legal system, and eventually, just like the American disaster move to another high position within the company. In other words, get away scot free.  

Anyone concerned about the state of the Arctic should check out Neven's Arctic Sea Ice Blog and the graph in in particular.

If you have a basic understanding of climate change and feedback mechanisms, this is the most scary thing you are likely to see in a long while.


Well done Greenpeace! Arctic drilling must stop!

Well done. Lovely. Very moving.

Nikola Tesla was the man, he had the right idea!

Chapeau Greenpeace. Love from Holland

Amazing Paula! It's a great awarenes to all of us and do something for the protection of our mother Earth.

Keep up the good Greenpeace!


Screw how amazing Paula is. What his amazing is the ability of the oil companies to simply lie and get away with it.  Passive resistance is dandy until the oil hits the water and then it will be to late. Cairn should be actively attacked on a daily basis demanding the release of the fake oil spill plan and it should then be pubished worldwide.  If it's found to be a fake then criminal charges should be filed against the authors of the plant, not Cairn.  Until individuals are held responsible for their crimes, nothing will change on the corporate ladder.  The time for passive resistance is over.  People are dying NOW, not later.  Arctic people are dying.  Polar bears are dying.  Seals are dying and all over the world, because of corporations like Cairn, people are starving, dying of disease, losing thier homes and livelyhoods.  I love the bear, but its  not going to solve the problem, is it?

Green peace should concentrate on ORIGIN of the problem of environmental degradation. It is population. Till 1800 A.D, the population on the planet was almost constant 1 billion. In 200 years, it has grown almost 7 times. Search for energy has become a must for all governments. I DO AGREE THAT THERE SHOULD BE NO DRILLING IN ARCTIC. But the wheel of "progress" must go on, hence Green peace should send out a clear message to the UN as well all nations to control population growth. . 



PLEASE WATCH THIS:  Documentary called HOME (Watch the movie for free on you tube) AMAZING!

It would be UTTERLY DEVASTATING if anything happened to this beautiful part of the world....There should not even be in place, ANYTHING that could even have the remotest possibility to create such a disaster.... Drilling in any ocean shouldn't be happening, because the risks are too great, yet we are already doing that too.

Are we really so stupid? I thought humans were smarter than that? We have the gifts and the ability to create or destroy... the choice seems obvious, yet we all make the wrong choices far too often.....

We have the technology, the capacity to create and embrace more eco friendly alternatives. Oh, yes, thats right, THAT's too expensive.... Upsetting to think, that money and using up all the worlds resources are so important to so many, that companies like this are allowed to even talk about doing what they want to do. Do we not have the foresight to think about the consequences we are, at present, right now, creating for ourselves.

Where do our values lie? Destroy the world, take everything it has to offer, strip it bare so that the balance continues to shift and everything is destroyed....then where will we be?

If the arctic and nature in general are not respected more, taken into consideration more often than not, all that will be left will be us holding the knife that killed everything we ACTUALLY need to survive. Because money can't buy oxygen or clean water or old rain forests. Money can't buy a balanced climate in order for food to grow and survive (whether it be plants or animals).

Where will we be then......stupid humans....

Congratulations Greenpeace.  Now lets get the drilling stopped.

The bear, I had to look twice before I believed the bear wasn't real. Nice thing!

The arctic drilling has to be at a limit, it is good to take action against it. The earth has also a limit. 

The people who need the oil do not get it and many oil has been spoiled, it is a shame. We are investors of the world, but many people do use thing in a not acceptable way.

Hold on to these actions, and I will pray that governments will see and open their eyes that things has to change, before the earth is sucked out.



Drilling must stop

Keep up the pressure Greenpeace

I support GREENPEACE wholeheartedly and Paula is marvellous,very realistic.

Many people are too materialistic these days and until more people realise and actually change their way of living and stop wasting the earth's irreplaceable resources it seems to me that the outlook for future generations will become bleak!!

More power to the brave commited Greenpeace activists.


Sad sad sad what humans do to the nature!!! Distroing all envaironment arround them............. Thanks to this people who doing such a important actions! Thankyou so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greenpeace should do this action every day until those companies finaly understand what to do...  STOP DRILLING...  STOP WARMING UP OUR PLANET...  STOP ALL THOSE DESTRUCTIVE MONSTERS AND REEDUCATE THEM TO RESPECTFULL AND PEACEFULL CREATURES

Paula is beautiful and a credit to the inginuity of Greenpeace.  I love her. 

Drilling in the Arctic must be stopped.  In the meantime Cairn must be pressured to publish their  spill response plan and if it is proved to be false those responsible should be prosecuted and all drilling stopped.

i just hope that paula touches and warmed the heart of those cold hearted people....please just look paula how she fights for her home....

i just hope that paula touches and warmed the heart of those cold hearted people....please just look paula how she fights for her home....

i just hope that paula touches and warmed the heart of those cold hearted people....please just look paula how she fights for her home....

I admire Greenpeace so much and everything that they do.  Paula Bear was wonderful - so realistic.  More publicity of this kind should be in the news as often as possible as I'm sure most people would respond favourably.  Most people are ignorant of the issues here but seeing Paula Bear might make them wake up to what we will be losing if drilling is allowed in the Arctic.

Maggie 29th May, 2011.

Sorry Rev, Irene and Carla as I was trying to send this to Anne as she is concerned about this beautiful special animal. much more attractive than us ( Homo sapiens ). We must "Care for Creation". At the end of the ride, St. Peter will not ask us how rich we are, how big our house is or how many times we have read the Bible. Actions are more important than words. I love the Parable of the good Samaratian.Rev. Irene and Carla please pass this on to Anne. For those "What can we do" then this is part of your answer.

When we are Blessing God when we are 'Carring for oue Creation.

Rob, Rob Evans-Willowdale




Truly excellent!  Well don Greenpeace, keep up the pressure!!

Greenpeace please stop your utter unwanted and completly untruthful campaign against Greenlandic drillings. The Greenlandic people should not be accused of not being careful about the enviroment why do you think there is an enviroment up there in the first place? Because they have watched it, unlike others.

There is no reason other then a atempt from Greenpeace to gain more funding to this campaign. Which in turn is trying to make the Greenlandic people the enviromental scapegoat for the world.

Wake up supporters of Greenpeace you have created a monster not unlike the onces you want to fight. Who cares nothing for anything but media attention to gain more money.

       It has always been my believe that the world is for everyone Now it would seem that it is not This senseless drilling is not good for mankind Or for the creatures that live in the area This needs to stop immediatly


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