VW: pioneering anti-social media

Posted by jamess — 10 January 2012 at 2:20pm - Comments

After ignoring well over 1,000 comments on its Facebook pages, Volkswagen has found a new tactic: deleting them.

It's difficult to understand why VW bothers to engage in social media like Facebook at all if it has absolutely no interest in listening to what people think.

Here's the evidence: two comments on VW Sweden that were there in the evening, but then deleted in the morning.



Huge thanks to the hundreds (nearly a thousand) of online activists in the 'Jedi Council' - a group of supporters who've been chasing Volkswagen around Facebook to highlight how they're continually dodging the issues and refusing to meet us.

Are you on Facebook? Join them.

If you're not sure what this is all about, Volkwagen is lobbying against critical laws that will make our cars use less oil and limit our emissions. Read the FAQ or the full report on VW's Dark Side

Are they stupid. There's lots more of us, and it isn't difficult to repost your message - repeatedly.

Beggars belief - censorship of comments! Freedom of expression? Really, it just suggests that we cannot believe what they say - rather like air-brushing magazine models, but in this case VW is 'airbrushing' its comments panes!

I'm surprised noone has written an 'app' to re-post your comment once it's been deleted

What's weird is that we're not even asking them to do anything difficult - talk to Greenpeace and stop lobbying against climate change legislation. They have a golden opportunity to live up to their carefully (and I imagine expensively) constructed green image and become leaders in efficient vehicles/technology. If they don't, someone else will.

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"Beggars belief - censorship of comments! Freedom of expression?"

Yeah, it's becoming almost as bad as the Guardian.

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