Win! VW has turned away from the Dark Side

Posted by jamie — 5 March 2013 at 6:52pm - Comments
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Half a million Jedi can't be wrong

After nearly two years of campaigning by more than 526,000 of you across the planet, VW has turned away from the Dark Side and committed to make cleaner and more efficient cars.

That means VW will also meet strong EU CO2 reduction targets.

This is big, because using less oil means less pollution, less impact on the climate and less pressure on vulnerable places like the Arctic.

This victory couldn't have happened without you. VW is Europe’s biggest car company and back in June 2011 when we started this campaign, it preferred to remove our videos from Youtube rather than talk about the efficiency of its cars or how it was lobbying against strong EU climate laws.

But VW has now publicly agreed to live up to its promises to be the world’s greenest car company, setting an example for the rest of the industry.

It proves just how powerful we really are when we work together. So thanks to everyone who took action to help the climate. See how the road to victory unfolded.

Now we’ve got to get politicians to take a stand against CO2 emissions and force carmakers to produce greener cars that will be kinder to the climate and reduce our dependence on oil.

In two weeks, European politicians will vote on car regulations that could cut car emissions in half by 2025.

We can do it if we come together once again - better, faster, stronger.

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The end justifies the means? A little bit less this and a little bit less that et voilà: An electric car. The endproduct is nice, but the effects on our environment while making the damn thing from scratch is still catastrophic!!!! In relation to a carbonfuelled vehicle the electric car is much better, but the recycling of all the elements, from which the automobile is built,...will still be a HUGE problem. The whole concept is actually an anachronism, if one really think about it, but no one will admitt to that. One wants to remain in his or her comfort-zone, every change must be little with as less pain as possible, while the earth and its resources suffers immensly.
Who invented the first car? If we're talking about the first modern automobile, then it's Karl Benz in 1886! So that's 127 years (!) of pollution, big time.

Volkswagen has long been ignoring the qualms of environmental activists and continued with its own  way of designing cars without caring much about the adverse effects its cars could cause to the planet. It took them almost a century to realize that they had done a lot of harm to the planet and therefore after almost a 100 years of polluting the planet they have resolved to set things straight. I think a felicitation is in order.

Do greenpeace seriously believe Volkswagen made this move because of them? the entire automotive industry has been moving that way for some years now and it was only a matter of time, so there really is no cause for celebration, they made the move in their own time.

Surely we should be campaigning to have no cars at all, not just cleaner ones??  The planet can't support cars, why does anyone need them anyway?

Surely we should be campaigning to have no cars at all, not just cleaner ones??  The planet can't support cars, why does anyone need them anyway?

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The real point here is about European legislation setting an example to the rest of the world and VW demonstrating that they can rise to such a challenge. Of course this is not going to slove all our problems, and of course, those who can should manage without a car.

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