APP spins yet more greenwash with latest advert

Posted by jamie — 14 July 2011 at 4:59pm - Comments

Oh, this is marvellous. A new commercial for Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) has surfaced which, like their previous efforts, is a lesson in how to make a bad company seem downright satanic. Hats off then to Allyn Media for a beautifully shot, if completely fabricated, video.

There are so many things I could unpick, least of all the appalling hyperbole in the voiceover which at times flirts with the nonsensical (when was history ever described as "thick"?) but let's just look at just one.

The video is called Reforestation, and the gist is that APP is planting a million trees a day "to create a greener Indonesia for our future." Fabulous. The only snag is, those trees they're planting in the video look an awful lot like acacia trees. Or maybe eucalyptus. Either way, it's a plantation. A plantation founded on the ruins of a rainforest, previously cleared by APP suppliers to feed the company’s pulp mills.  

So the claim that this is being done "to preserve the natural beauty of [the] land" (as the Youtube description explains) is, like so many of the greenwash claims of APP, rubbish. Call me picky, but 'natural beauty' does not suggest to me a blanket of industrial monocultures which replace the habitats of tigers, orang-utans, and countless other species.

Fortunately, armed with just a little knowledge, APP's greenwash is easy to see through. Just as well that Allyn Media also work on crisis communications to help its clients "win in the court of public opinion." They must like and get well rewarded for this particular challenge.

Oh my goodness! I was looking at those 'millions of new trees' and thinking what a load of rubbish! It looks to me as though the message is getting through to them but they are deciding to try and cover it up. We've got to keep hammering the message through until they understand we won't stand for this! Let's keep at it gang!! God Bless xx

OH MY GOD! I just completely destroyed my computer by simulatenously unleashing a hoard of tears, laughter and this morning's porride all over my keyboard and projecting onto the monitor. 

These guys are having a complete piss-take! Which wouldn't be so bad if it were just in the name of extending the concept of irony to a new level. But they're destroying rainforests, important habitat for endangered species and killing the climate.

Take it to them Greenpeace. APP are not just a company trying to make a buck. They're sick.

Oh that is quite special, I wonder how much they paid for this?

If only the folks at South Park could get to see this?

As Allyn Media asked "What do you think?" at the end of their blog post I added a comment. Apparently it's "awaiting moderation" but I can see from the URL it's the 27th comment posted on the page and none of these are publicly visible, so I expect they won't let it through.

I felt like posting it somewhere, so here is my message for Allyn Media: "I hope you got paid well. You’ll need something to appease your crying grandchildren when they ask “what happened to the beautiful tigers in our world?”. And then when they get older, and they ask you “How did these companies get away with such destructive practices?” maybe you can buy them something nice to shut them up."

How is it legally broadcast is the first question!   They do say in small print at the bottom of the screen something like "All environmental viewpoints difer" Still, who's being paid for it? Is it on sky? They've had the Save the Jaguar, Save the Rainforest campaign for years!!!


The one i've seen on the TV is way more scandalous!


This is one version that is on TV - They would like to do it in a sustainable way?

Look how fabricated it is -   They've used her same response to two different questions

Yes, as Sinar Mas, parent company of APP, admit in an advertorial (headed 'Supplement') in the Jakarta Post on 28th July, they've planted
acacia crassicarpa (See:

At the same time as they're launching their greenwash, they're also employing thugs to intimidate Greenpeace Indonesia. (

That advert is so sacharin and ghastly. It is typical "greenwash". APP is deluded if they think anyone with any sense is going to fall for that rubbish.

It makes me so angry to see beautiful, unspolit rainforest hacked down to make what - toilet paper !!!! Future generations denied a chance to see rainforests and some of the most beautiful creatures to live their, for simple greed. Shame on the management of APP, inshallah they are punished for what they have done.

A note to all my fellow greenpeace supporters- has anyone yet tried to spoof this advert, to get the real message about APP out there, to the masses who do not yet know where their paper products are coming from. I wish I could but I just do not know how.



As well as expressing consternation here, why not demand that the advertising standards authorities forbid such deceptive advertisements - that is what they have been created to do?

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