Finger lickin' good news: KFC promises a better bucket

Posted by Amy Moas — 4 April 2013 at 11:38am - Comments
All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace
Your support forced KFC to adopt better paper policies

Thanks to pressure from thousands of people around the globe, Yum! Brands, the largest restaurant company in the world and parent company of KFC, has released a new set of commitments which could make the paper and packaging it uses much more rainforest-friendly.

Last year we showed that wood fiber from rainforest trees was ending up in KFC’s famous chicken buckets and other paper packaging. Activists around the world spoke up, telling KFC and Yum executives that trashing tiger forests was not acceptable. It seems all those hours in tiger and orangutan costumes, doing reverse graffiti and yes, even dunking the Colonel in BBQ sauce, have made the company pay attention.

Yesterday, they officially released new policies that – if they stick – would prevent KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, and other Yum companies, from trashing rainforests for paper packaging.  That means good news for tigers, and bad news for any paper companies, like Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL), that are still destroying rainforests.

So, good progress from Yum! Brands on paper, but what about palm oil? For years we've been calling out Yum for buying palm oil linked to rainforest destruction. The company says it is phasing out palm oil “wherever feasible” in its 39,000 restaurants for health reasons. But it’s not clear what, if any, environmental standards it has for the palm oil it is buying in the meantime.

Turning a blind eye to the problems with palm oil — from pushing orangutans to extinction in Indonesia, to trashing rainforests and people’s rights in Africa – is not an option, especially when solutions to those problems are beginning to grow.

It’s not just Yum that still has work to do. Other fast food restaurants, like Dominos, Wendy’s and Dairy Queen, don’t seem to have any safeguards to ensure rainforest destruction isn’t on their menus. With your help, we’ll push them to change that.

In the meantime, a big thank you to all the tiger fans, activists and KFC customers who helped convince the largest restaurant company in the world to start becoming part of the solution to deforestation. Stay tuned for news on how you can continue to help us #savetigers together.

Amy Moas is senior forest campaigner for Greenpeace in the USA

its funny lolo 'that pressure from people around the world ', has made kfc change their ways but you step forward and try to take all the credit,  like it was all your doing ... thats a riot.... jumping around like monkeys and holding out a cup too i suppose , for donations. someone at that organization has you all dancing like monkeys.. lolol kfc just found a cheaper way to produce paper products..... green peace had nothing to do with it... peace ... you speak of peace and yet do nothing to stop war... your symbol is of peace and yet you are anything but peaceful... you choose to save animals and for what , nothing and yet you fight to save a habitat.. if you were any type of real green peace you would STOP the IMPLIMENTAION of NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS.. HUMANS AND RADIATION DON'T GET ALONG.... WHAT can you protect when the land is RADIATED... your worried about kfc is wreaking the forests for paper???? NUCLEAR POWER will destroy ALL . ALL i see around me are stupid humans. and your all going to be destroyed on a GLOBAL scale .. not by me of course but other people in power that have the money and resourses. 1) usa... you RADIATE your food because YOU ARE TOLD 'its safe and kills bacteria???(people are stupid) EATING RADIATION... 2) you RADIATE your land in the name of science almost a whole state underground like radiation disapates in a few hundred years..and over a 60 year period their have been 2 nuclear bombing , 2 nuclear  OOPS( 3 mile and chernobyl ) and 1 hey lets build NUCLEAR reactors on a island so a tsunami can RADIATE the oceans water supply and fish... 3) EACH TIME THEIR IS FALLOUT THEY  RADIATE the atmosphere ... the air we breath now... yes AMERICA ... the air we breath.. ,whats worse RADIATED RAIN or ACID RAIN ??? THEN AMERICA you wonder why you have cancers (form of radiation and to TREAT radiation you use radiation lolo) SO you see humans are stupid and believe anything you tell them.. and GREEN PIECE CHOOSES TO SAVE A LITTLE FOREST.. STILL FEEL LIKE SAVING THE TREES WHEN THEYRE IRRADIATED ??? IRRADIATED OXYGEN ... RADIATION AND LIVING CREATURES DON'T GET ALONG ... yay kfc stopped rainforest paper... WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD ??? STOP NUCLEAR RESEARCH or you people will just destroy your selves. there is no other life sustaining planet, their are no space ships to save you.. you have a spacelab that studies humans, tv shows that push the human endurance and limitations under real situations in the name of entertainment and film every minute to study humans. humans,are now constantly watched by military and police globally , satellites track people, phone companes track people, bank tracking  you..computers record  images you look at... everything tracking you , why? ?? BECAUSE THEY THINK YOUR ALL CRIMMINALS.. ALL OF YOU, AND SINCE YOUR ALL CRIMMINALS you HAVE NO FREEDOM . YOUR CRIME : just being human. YOUR CRIME: just being jewish, YOUR CRIME :just being black.. sound familiar.. and green peace is worried about trees no green peace just wants a green piece of the pie.. not only can you control people by a sword , you can also by debt , when that fails take away their freedom. thats why you are tracked , poisoned, and killed.. in a society that is ruled by people who believe in war, peace activists die ' by accident' every year. between 1980 and 2010 cose to 40 ,000 protesters have been killed one way or another around the world. the others get arrested for standing up against the slaughter of humans.. THEY DON'T GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT HUMAN LIFE WHY WOULD THEY CARE ABOUT PLANT LIFE ..


Greenpeace has a number different objectives and a vast array of campaigns running simultaneously and increasingly internationally.In
the uk there is a lot of campaigning and lobbying being done on the energy bill and looking at other energy sources than nuclear.Greenpeace also has a long standing anti nuclear weapons stance.Greenpeace campaigners and volunteers mobilise nationally and internationally, take action and achieve results. There is also scientific research and on the ground support i.e. Local support in places like Fukashima.Lots of change happens because of Greenpeace and that's because it is made up of people who are prepared to do something. This is despite various forms of opposition, big corporations with big budgets and governments who sometimes need reminding of their responsibilities.Solutions...

Derrick - you have told us where we are going wrong, thank you.

May I ask what you do to put things right, besides writing long posts criticising the few people in this country who are actually standing up for what they believe in? I would be more inclined to take note of your criticisms, if I believed that you had also been taking action to put the world to rights.

in my experience, it is the people who do nothing at all who make the criticisms against us, while those who take action of any sort lend their support.


John Halladay, Coordinator, Canterbury & District Greenpeace.



fuck off you smelly hippies, kfc is great.fid something to do with your lives instead of imposing your vegan will on everyone, miserable bastards.

Joe Collins , you are what is wrong with society.

At least greenpeace are not 'doing' what you are with your life, and destroying the world.

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