Video: Ken's blanket coverage and Barbie busted outside Mattel HQ in LA

Posted by Gemma Freeman — 10 June 2011 at 4:27pm - Comments

Barbie's lesser known other-half grabbed headlines this week, after he launched our latest forest campaign on Tuesday night - scaling the 15 stories of Mattel's HQ in Los Angeles, to unveil our banner, with the help of blue tux wearing pals, that read simply: "Barbie, It's over."

His rainforest destroying-ex then got arrested by the LAPD herself, rolling around the Mattel car park towards the unfolding drama in her fuschia bulldozer (nicknamed Barbaric) to get arrested by the LAPD herself.

Our opening action for the Barbie campaign, evolved into something like a scene from a Hollywood flick - fitting for its location in El Segundo. As the public lined the streets jaws dropped, fire engines and police cars raced to the scene.

It's not surprising that our US colleague's cartoon-like capers grabbed blanket attention from media. Here's some of the highlight coverage worldwide so far:

The Los Angeles Time Business Section: Greenpeace stages protest at Mattel office over Barbie packaging

Reuters: 'Ken doll protesters arrested at Mattel headquarters

The Sun: 'Barbie Kills Trees: Rainforests cut for packaging'

Mother Jones: Does Barbie Hate Orangutans?

Daily Mail: Barbie's dirty secret: Paper used in dolls' packaging comes from disappearing rainforests

Sydney Morning Herald: Barbie gets dumped for being an environmental wrecker

LAist: Ken Goes Greenpeace, Dumps Barbie Via Banner Hung By Protesters on Mattel Building

Treehugger: Evidently, Barbie Digs Deforestation: Greenpeace Exposes Mattel for Using Unsustainable Packaging

AOL: Greenpeace calls Barbie a 'Serial Killer'

Huffington Post: Barbie Doll Packaging comes from Indonesian Rainforests

Plus KPCC and ABC7:

Find out more about Barbaric Barbie and how Mattel are destroying rainforests:

Visit APP's website. I don't think I've ever seen such slick Greenwashing anywhere else.

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It might be all over. Mattel released a press release late last night (for us) stating the following: Mattel announced the company is developing a sustainable
procurement policy for all of Mattel’s product lines which will address
the important issue of deforestation. The policy will include
requirements for packaging suppliers to commit to sustainable forestry
management practices. In addition to addressing current concerns about
packaging sourcing, Mattel’s policy will also cover other wood-based
products in its toy lines, such as paper, books and accessories.

Find the release on the company web site, or here:

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i love barbie, yay rainforest, me and u foreva x

This is a childish campaign: it patronizes Greenpeace members and trivialises an important issue. 

On another blog, someone said it was sexist.  They have a point.

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