Prince Charles visits the Greenpeace field

Posted by jossc — 24 June 2010 at 4:52pm - Comments

Gaze, simple folk of the Earth, upon true regal grace. And look, that's Prince Charles as well! Ho-ho.

For those of you who aren't as familiar with the inner world of Greenpeace as, er, me, that bloke on the left is our executive director, John. That chap in the middle is our future king, probably, and the two fellas on his right are minders - probably fighting quite hard to stop themselves rugby tackling everyone to the ground and bundling HRH into a waiting Chinook.

Yes, today Prince Charles paid a surprise visit to Glastonbury. He dropped by to mark the festival's 40th anniversary, and after meeting festival founder Michael Eavis, the Prince headed straight over to the Greenpeace field where he was was quickly surrounded, according to the Daily Mail, by 'dancers', er, 'african dancers' and 'hippies'. John then gave the Prince a tour of the field's stalls and eco-friendly facilities, probably cracking jokes about doing banner drops on Buckingham palace, or something.

This year the field is themed around rainforest destruction which Charles, as the head of The Prince's Rainforest Project, obviously has a keen interest in. If you're at the festival, and you're reading this on the dying battery of your iphone, then why not drop by our field? If you're not there, maybe just check out our forests campaign instead.

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