Timeline: how you persuaded Asia Pulp and Paper to stop cutting down Indonesia's rainforests

Posted by Richardg — 5 February 2013 at 12:05pm - Comments

This morning, Asia Pulp and Paper - the world's third largest paper and packaging company - announced that it was turning over a new leaf. It's promised to stop chopping down Indonesia's rainforests, home to the last tigers and endangered orangutans.

This breakthrough wouldn't have happened without your help. Thanks to you, we persuaded over 100 of APP's biggest customers to take their business elsewhere. Here are some of the highlights from the last two years.


Our researchers are on the ground in Indonesia, gathering evidence that Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) are cutting down Indonesia's rainforests. We publish 'Pulping the Planet’, which reveals that major companies, including KFC, Pizza Hut and Tesco, are buying from APP and shows that APP is destroying tiger habitats in Sumatra.



We discover that Mattel, Hasbro, Lego and Disney are selling toys wrapped in packaging made from rainforest trees.

Greenpeace enlists the support of Barbie's boyfriend Ken as our campaign goes live. The heart-broken doll dumps his sweetheart after hearing that she is involved in deforestation. We drop a very public break-up message on Mattel's headquarters in the US and in Picadilly Circus in London.

Over half a million of you join the campaign, asking Mattel to stop supporting deforestation and joining the hunt for our special Chainsaw Barbies.

Lego becomes the first toy company to cancel its contracts with APP.


Success: Mattel, Disney and Hasbro stop buying from Asia Pulp and Paper.



A year-long Greenpeace investigation reveals that ramin trees - a protected species under international law, have turned up in APP's Indah Kiat paper mill. 

The world's largest sovereign wealth fund, the Norway Pension Fund, sells its stake in APP's Indah Kiat paper mill. Soon after, two of the three largest foreign investors in mill, Skagen Funds and Mackenzie Financial, Indah Kiat's 3rd largest foreign investor sells their stakes.

Xerox, National Geographic, Danone and Mondi announce that they will not buy from Asia Pulp and Paper.


We turn our attention to the fast food industry and reveals that KFC packaging, bought from APP, contains rainforest fibre. Launch of global campaign to get KFC and its parent company, Yum! to stop buying from APP and make its supply chain deforestation free.

KFC Indonesia stops buying from Asia Pulp and Paper.


KFC UK and Ireland agrees to stop buying its packaging from APP, after giant buckets and orangutans visit its flagship stores.



APP, one of the world’s largest producers of paper and packaging, publishes a new ‘Forest Conservation Policy’ which, if implemented, could spell the end of its long and controversial history of rainforest destruction. Indonesia's rainforests are a vital habitat for endangered species including the Sumatran tiger and home to thousands of forest communities.

I've been a member of greenpeace for a while now and just started donating too. It's great because I can come on here and see that APP have finally agreed to stop their deforestation madness and it really feels like the money is going to good use and that you can actually make a difference. I think the younger generation have a much better idea of just how much mankind is affecting the planet and I think greenpeace is just going to keep on growing. It's all about the peace and happiness people!!

I have been a Czech Greenpeace board member (and served as chair for 7 years) for 10 years now. I was sincerely happy when I had heard from UK fellow greenpeacers about the breakthrough in the campaign against APP dirty pratices in Indonesia. It has filled me with pride of being the member of Greenpeace global family and encouraged me to continue working for Greenpeace. I am happy that it can really work if people join their efforts for such athing. I am glad to be a tiny part of that powerful stream!  Warmest regards to you all! Martin Kupka


What a fantastic result - congratulations to Greenpeace & all involved.  Lets hope those beautiful, innocent animals now begin to prosper & increase in numbers....


All green arguments come down to one missed point...

There are too many people on the planet.

Until we realise this and act on it, environmental problems will never go away.

From the fish in the oceans, to the CO2 in the atmosphere, the melting icecaps, the near extinct tigers.  Its all because of overpopulation.


Jon A,


You have hit the nail on the head, overpopulation is the root cause of the earths problems.  We have got into the state because we have been exploiting the earths resources in an unsustainable way.  Luckily, with the current trajectory, towards more sustainable energy production and use of resources I think you will find that the overpopulation issue resolves itself.  It simply won't be possible for the current hordes to exist with limited power availability and much simpler lifestyles.  Its going to be a difficult journey but I'm sure we'll get there in the end.  Here's to the future :-)

all good.i do live in uk and supporter but i am originally from romania.what i do not understand is why romanian forests should be under UN (unesco) regulations.surely we have quite some brains round there to set up a national board which protects and -especially-gives harsh fines or so.i do hate to say but i am really reluctant to anyform of monopoly-market,socially etcso they are all romanians and strongly believe it can be done on different path.are uk forest under UN.so  i am going to stop any financial help for greenpeace if i am not explained .

We should all make an effort to influence the political landscape so that an (equtoral directive) between the tropics of cancer and the tropics of capricorn be designated, protected and reserved for the natural ecosystems to be allowed to evolve, so we can learn and improve our own chances of survival from within nature where we belong.    

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