Grassroots action shows new nuclear won't be a pushover

Posted by Richardg — 23 November 2012 at 5:13pm - Comments
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Protestors block the road leading into Hinkley Point

This morning, as the Energy Bill was making headlines, ten people were setting up a non-violent blockade of Hinkley Point nuclear power station. It's a sure sign that building new reactors will be an uphill struggle.

The first new nuclear power station in the UK for decades is supposed to be built in Hinkley Point, on the West Somerset coast. As often happens when you're dealing with the nuclear industry, plans have gone somewhat awry.

Local people are furious, because they don't believe the government or EDF, who want to build the reactor, are listening to them.

Some are worried about hundreds of lorries trundling past their front door. Others worry about the nuclear waste that would be stored on-site for decades. Many would just rather the money being spent propping up the nuclear industry were spent on affordable, sustainable renewable power.

The protest today finished when four people were arrested, but it's unlikely to be the last protest of this nature. It's hard enough building a nuclear reactor on time and on budget - and it's much, much harder when local people are determined to stop you.

i feel sorry

Jobs, investment, low carbon energy, you will find that the majority of locals are in support of the new power station. There is not a large opposition to nuclear, just concerns around the impact of traffic etc. during construction. There is no low carbon alternative to nuclear for base load electricity.

There is no evidence that the majority of the area support the building of Hinkley C.  It is sheer EDF media propaganda that creates this illusion. 

There is no evidence that the majority of the area support the building of Hinkley C.  It is sheer EDF media propaganda that creates this illusion. 

in mind for every one of us who worries about the future of the meeting the
UK's energy needs, there are 10,000 selfish consumers who really don't give a
toss about carbon targets and climate change, as long as the energy’s there


there is only one technology that can supply every individual on the planet ,
even when there are 9 billion of us, with an energy-rich lifestyle, for all of
time. That is the technology of the breeder reactor. And the era of worldwide
deployment of breeder reactors is inevitable, to avoid energy wars and water
wars, long before global warming will sufficiently threaten selfish consumers,

The tragedy of today’s UK politics is that the technology is here and now. It
is safe and economic, but it is being ignored in favour of ridiculously
expensive and ineffectual renewable and ‘’yesterday’s’ nuclear.  Authorities have already stated that there is
no significant impediment to the UK licensing the GE Hitachi PRISM Power Block
technology. GEH say they can build the first one in 36 months.

So an enlightened Government could have the first of this unique type of
nuclear power plant up and running in under 10 years. At the moment, one is
under consideration to 'burn' our 55 tonne plutonium stockpile, as it generates
622 MW of commercial electricity, over a 50 plus year period. So the first one
would solve the proliferation problem.

We then have 35,000 tonnes of depleted uranium plus all of the existing, and
still to be created, spent nuclear fuel, which this power plant can also
'burn'. That's enough fuel to power the UK for 500 years, using a fleet of
these reactors.  So that's the energy
security problem solved. 

They emit no greenhouse gases. So that's the carbon targets met, with

The minuscule amount of nuclear waste they produce, decays to background
radiation levels in 300 years - easily, cheaply and safely stored. So the
problem of storing long-lived nuclear waste, for mega-thousands of years, is
also resolved.

These reactors are inherently safe - under accident conditions, such as
complete loss of power, they shut down according to the laws of physics. They
are passively safe - under accident conditions, such as the disabling of all
safety systems, they shut down without human intervention. Natural or man-made
conditions experienced at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima, would result
in these reactors undergoing benign shutdowns.

Does this technology have a better chance than a spaghetti-like, international,
interconnection of windmills, plastic squares, wavey-devices and volcanic heat?

I sincerely believe it does. Google "prisms to power the uk"

Our energy rich lifestyles are ruining the planet, i think it's time we made deep and lasting changes to the way we live - something that shows due respect to the delicate planet that gives us life.

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