Impact of Japan's nuclear accident

Posted by bex — 31 July 2007 at 12:45pm - Comments

Reuters has a new video report on the impacts of earthquake-struck Japan's recent nuclear accident, which means Kawashaki nuclear plant will be closed indefinitely:

Japan's killer earthquake left its biggest nuclear power company facing financial losses, supply questions, and demands for greater safety.

The video's here (there's an advert before the Reuters report starts).

Hi, under the water there is relativly little exposure to radioactivity I think. Can You contact the Japanese officials in order to ask into making a submarine go close to the edge of the shore with a watercannon mounted upon it, aiming at the neuclear reactor and from below, spray onto the reactor a continous stream of cooling water? The shore seems to be very close to the neuclear reactor.

Please try to expose the officials to the idea, I think time and good idea's are running out....


Carsten Nielsen

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