What we made: a nuclear wasteland

Posted by bex — 26 September 2006 at 8:00am - Comments

London rapper Example doesn't just take his music to the edge - he also takes it to deserted, radioactively contaminated post-nuclear zones. Now he's released a documentary about his journey to Chernobyl, explaining why he thinks the future shouldn't be nuclear.

"I don't think anyone who's been here can be for nuclear power," says rapper Example, looking around at empty cots and babies' gas masks in a disintegrating schoolroom near Chernobyl.

"I've read stuff recently about how we're only ever going to survive if we make nuclear power available, but you just think: why would you want it to happen after seeing this?"

Example went to Chernobyl to film a promo video for his new track, What We Made:


While he was there, he also filmed an 18-minute documentary in the ghost towns he visited and their deserted schools, hotels and funfairs - places that are still exactly, and eerily, as they were left 20 years ago.

You can download the documentary here (you'll need Quicktime, Windows Media Player or Realplayer to watch it):

The making of "What We Made" (mov, 57mb)
The making of "What We Made" (wmv, 59mb)

If you're wondering what the alternative to nuclear energy is, check out our Greenpeace documentary, What Are We Waiting For. Clive Anderson explains what decentralised energy is and how it could work in the UK.

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