A new Rainbow Warrior sets sail

Posted by hayley.baker — 14 October 2011 at 12:49pm - Comments
Kumi Naidoo and Melina Laboucan Massimo launch RWIII
All rights reserved. Credit: John Novis / Greenpeace
Rainbow Warrior 3

The Earth has a new champion. This afternoon at a small ceremony in Bremerhaven, Germany, our Executive Director Kumi Naidoo,  christened the world’s first purpose-built, crowd-bought, eco-sleek sailing vessel, the new Rainbow Warrior.  

The smashing of glass signalled a new chapter in the battle for the future of our oceans, forests and climate. As Kumi said, “The new Rainbow Warrior is the perfect ship with which navigate the perfect storm of ecological, economic and democratic crises lashing our world.”

If you’re one of the 100,000 donors who bought a bolt, an action boat, an anchor, a chart, a soap dish, a piece of her sail or the whole of her wheelhouse, we’d like to say a massive thank you. We said the Earth needed a new warrior, and we thrilled that so many of you answered that call.  

This is no ordinary sailing ship: it is a sleek, efficient eco-vessel, every detail crafted with sustainability in mind, from the silicon-based paint on her hull to the FSC wood of her cabins, to the onboard recycling systems and biological sewage treatment. The new Rainbow Warrior will primarily be powered and propelled by the sun and wind. It has a revolution mast design, allowing her to carry more sail, and has all of the latest digital equipment allowing us to broadcast video from remote locations and tweet from any ocean.

The first ship to bear her name was a rusting fishing trawler scraped and sanded down by hand and painted with a dove and rainbow. She made history saving whales, stopping radioactive waste dumping, and sailing straight into the forbidden zone around nuclear weapons testing sites.  

Her voyage into history was cut short by two limpet mines in 1985, when frightened politicians in Paris ordered French agents to sink the ship in New Zealand, believing this would stop our protests against nuclear weapons tests. It was a massive miscalculation..A supporter in Auckland coined the phrase that became a motto of opposition: “You can’t sink a rainbow.”  When we returned to Moruroa in a refurbished sister ship, the legacy of the Rainbow Warrior as a parable of persistence was sealed.

As a purpose-built campaigning ship, the new Rainbow Warrior will confront environmental criminals across the world, she will investigate and expose destructive activities, but perhaps most of all will provide a beacon of hope and an inspiration to action wherever she goes. 

Thank you again, you have given the world a new and stronger Rainbow Warrior.

Big grins, happy days! Congratulations all! :)

A great day. Sorry I won't be at the visit to London. I hope there will be the chance to see her at Liverpool, maybe in the future. But most importantly, she will be out doing important work.

As a long term supporter of Grrenpeace, and for all the important issues that have found newsworthy attention globally,I wish this new vessel, its crew, and all those special people who will give unselfishly of their time and talents every success in future campaigns.

Brilliant news!, and we need good news right now. Hope the launch went well. Yet to see the videos.

Well done Greenpeace!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger Hatton

Well done everyone.What an amazing achievement.Unfortunately I wont be able to join in the celebrations in London but wish everyone involved with running this wonderful ship safe and peaceful journeys.


Wow, what a ship -  we will look for her on the horizon ! We send our thanks & best wishes to all who sail her.Take care & Keep safe.

So proud,So very proud, Thank you Greenpeace for our "Rainbow Warrior III"

A magnificent new flagship! I hope that the French government made a handsome contribution to her commission, construction and launch.

I am really impressed and have never been so happy to donate to anything.

Fabulous campaign cruiser!  Sh'e going to be an essential part of Greenpeace's fight for sustainable oceans and planet.  So looking forward to seeing her in London on 12th November.

How wonderful!

Welcome Rainbow Warrior III and we wish the new ship and her future crews the best Salty High Seas adventures and Positive Outcomes on all Greenpeace campaigns and be certain we will continue to support you in these campaigns. Susie Hewson and all the Natracare SISTERs

Welcome Rainbow Warrior 111 - Take them all on- good luck!!!

Bravo to the new Greenpeace warriors who will sail aboard this amazing new vessel.

A message for all Humanity - we need Rainbow Warrior 111 to fight for the Planet like we've never needed her before.

Grateful thanks to all the active people who will fight our cause.

Jo Graves

Seeing the dove of peace swoop up towards her bow trailing a rainbow on the three ships that have carried the name Rainbow Warrior has always brought hope and a tear to my eye. May God bless you Rainbow Warrior and the Archangel Michael protect all those that sail on you. You bring tears of joy to all that support you in the protection of this beautiful planet. 

Richard Crowhurst.

Excellent news!!  Many congratulations all - take care and all the best to all who sail our new Rainbow Warrior - long may she stand for ecological justice. 

To those who ever sail on the good ship Rainbow Warrior 3 - May God bless you all.

To all those aboard who hail from this green and pleasant land - England expects.

Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama

  Fantastic news! Delighted to be a small part of it..sail well and safe.

A new chapter is launched Good Luck Happy Days and Peace

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